Staub Braisers 24 cm round Cast iron Saute pan Chistera basil-green

Multifunction roaster

  • With Chistera drop structure
  • Gentle cooking method
  • Good heat storage properties
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  • basil-green
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Whether you are preparing stew, beef bourguignon or ratatouille, you need a quality roaster for excellent results. With the STAUB multifunction roaster you have an innovative cooking utensil at hand in which your meat will be tender and juicy, and vegetables retain their characteristic tastes, providing extra vitamins on the plate, due to the gentle cooking method. The multifunction roaster with Chistera drop structure is round and basil green. It can be used on all types of stove, including induction cookers and is oven safe. The roasting dish has a diameter of 24 cm, is 31.7 cm in length and 11, 6 cm tall with lid. It has a capacity of 2.4 litres. The Chistera Drop Structure, which is located on the inside of the dome lid contributes to a particularly good casserole effect. Developed by the French designer Samuel Accoceberry, the structure creates a self-moisturising system where the condensation drips back onto the food making it juicy and tender. The cast-iron multifunction roasters also have excellent heat storage properties, which let the ingredients cook evenly and gently. Discover the benefits of innovative design with STAUB and complement your cookware with a multifunction roaster in which fresh ingredients develop full flavour for delicious, healthy dishes.

  • Ideal for searing and slow cooking of meat, fish or vegetables
  • Juicy and tender cooking result thanks to the lid
  • The matt black inner enamelling is ideal for particularly crisp searing and is especially durable
  • Suitable for all types of hobs, incl. induction, can also be used in the oven/grill


  • Item no. 40511-479-0
  • Colour: basil-green
  • Heat resistance: 240.00 ºC
  • Cold resistance: -20.00 ºC
  • Substance: Cast iron
  • Type of handle: Side handle
  • Lid existing: Yes
  • Induction: Yes
  • Oven-safe: Yes
  • Freezer-safe: Yes
  • Stovetop-safe: Yes
  • Dishwasher-safe: Yes
  • Number of parts: 1
  • Net weight: 4.04 kg
  • Capacity: 2.40 l
  • Length of product: 31.70 cm
  • Width of product: 24.00 cm
  • Height of product: 11.60 cm
  • Height without lid: 7.00 cm
  • Upper diameter: 24.00 cm
  • Upper diameter 2: 0.00 cm
  • Bottom diameter: 18.50 cm
  • Bottom diameter 2: 0.00 cm
  • Handle length: 4.00 cm
Staub Braisers 24 cm round Cast iron Saute pan Chistera basil-green
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