Here you will find tips on how to clean barbecue utensils gently and help maintain them for a long time with the correct care. With the proper care, they will serve you faithfully for a very long time.

It’s best to clean barbecue utensils properly

ZWILLING J.A. Henckels quality barbecue utensils are the perfect choice. We are especially proud of the fact that our products are often handed down from generation to generation. After all, kitchen and barbecue utensils can be used every day. With the right care, our products often last a lifetime. Here are some important care instructions to help you achieve this too.

At a glance: Cleaning barbecue utensils – water, sponge, dishwasher

The most important care instructions concern cleaning your barbecue utensils: We recommend washing under lukewarm water with a mild detergent and a non-scratch cloth or sponge to prevent premature wear caused by aggressive detergents. Retain the shine of your handles for years to come by simply rubbing in a drop of cooking oil from time to time.

Cleaning barbecue utensils: Dishwasher, yes or no?

ZWILLING stainless steel barbecue utensils are dishwasher-safe, but this exposes them to aggressive cleaning chemicals over a long period of time, which can lead to wear of the material and handle (discolouration). If you do decide to use a dishwasher, the washing temperature should not exceed 55°C. 

The detergents used in dishwashers often contain aggressive cleaning chemicals, which can damage the surface of plastics and steel. So, be warned: Washing in a dishwasher can shorten the lifespan of utensils. 

Cleaning barbecue utensils by hand – it’s this easy

The facts speak for themselves, even stainless steel barbecue utensils classified as dishwasher-safe are better off being washed by hand – unless you have access to a special, industrial dishwasher. Aggressive chemicals, high temperatures, physical contact with other items in a conventional household dishwasher (as well as washing cycles that last hours) – such conditions are not conducive to the service life of your utensils. That’s why you should clean your barbecue utensils by hand. Plus, it’s much faster and just as effective. Hot water, a sponge or a dishwashing brush are sufficient for most everyday soiling; and a simple dishcloth or microfibre cloth for drying. Well done caring for your utensils.

What to do when barbecue utensils look dull?

The plastic surface of the handles may become grey or discoloured over time. This is not dangerous or unhygienic, but it is visually unattractive. However, you can easily remove the grey film by rubbing the handle with a drop of household cooking oil if necessary. The handle will regain its shiny appearance. Taking the time to take good care of your barbecue utensils will help you enjoy them for longer.

Tip: Storage conditions are also important!

All clean? There something else you can also do to contribute to prolonging the life of your barbecue utensils. They feel most at home when they have their own place and are not kept in the cutlery drawer together with scissors, salad servers and knives. A barbecue utensils bag is ideal for careful, gentle storage. Your barbecue utensils should also always be stored out of the weather in a clean, dry place, where they are protected from direct sunlight.