ZWILLING ENFINIGY FAQ – Frequent Questions & How to use Videos

You have a ZWILLING ENFINIGY appliance? Great! You still have questions? Then you've come to the right place, because we've compiled FAQs on all our kitchen appliances for you. All the questions we have been asked so far, expertly answered by our product developers. 


  • Rule of thumb when filling the mixing containers: liquid first, then light ingredients followed by heavy ingredients (example: juice – spinach leaves – banana pieces). Attention: keep the reverse order with the Personal Blender (example: banana pieces – spinach leaves – juice).
  • Always mix dry ingredients in combination with liquids.
  • For safety, please always unplug before cleaning the mixer base.
  • Keep children away from the blender, even if it is not in operation. The device is not a toy!
  • Keep out of the reach of children under 8 years of age.
  • Connect the blender only to a suitable socket; the voltage should correspond to that of the respective device: 220-240 volts.
  • Place the device on a dry, non-slip and flat surface.
  • Do not fill the mixing container beyond the maximum quantity.
  • Do not keep leftovers in the container.
  • Do not pour hot ingredients or drinks into the Personal Blender.
  • Do not place the container in the microwave to heat the contents.
  • Do not insert any non-food objects into the container.
  • Do not lick the blender blades or reach into the container.
  • Do not clean the container with aggressive abrasives or sharp objects.
  • Do not place the device on a hot stove or any other hot surface.
  • Do not attempt to repair your device yourself.

The compact blender with cross blade incl. piranha teeth prepares fresh smoothies in no time at all. In addition to the smoothie programme, it can also be used universally for other dishes such as pesto. The BPA-free Tritan container is easy to take with you thanks to the practical to-go attachment.


A total of 5 automatic programmes, for smoothies, cocktails, crushed ice and much more, 12 speed settings as well as a ZWILLING cross blade with piranha teeth are the basic features of the mixer. It is supplemented by the 1.4 litre blender jug.


A mixer for a wide variety of tastes: In addition to the 12 speed settings, the blender has 6 automatic programmes – from smoothie to ice cream. Other highlights include the illuminated display, a tamper, the large 1.8-litre blender jug and, of course, the ZWILLING winglet blade with piranha teeth.

The blade features two winglets at the outer edge of each of the two blade arms. The winglets allow higher speed to be generated due to a slight change in the flow of material oer the blade, which significantly increases the cutting performance. In addition, the winglets provide more blade stability in rotation, which reduces vibration. Due to the fact that "only" two blade arms are present, the material to be mixed comes into maximum contact with the blade edge.

The innovative blades in the blenders offer a unique combination of stability and sharpness due to their serrated edges with piranha toothing: The outer sides of the blade arms have stable, bulging edges and are ideal for crushing even nuts or ice. With the internal sharp blades, even small and fine pulp or cooked vegetables are always perfectly pureed without fibres and pieces, such as garlic, chili or raspberry seeds.

Winglet Blade: The blade features two winglets at the outer edge of each of the two blade arms. The winglets allow higher speed to be generated due to a slight change in the flow of material oer the blade, which significantly increases the cutting performance. In addition, the winglets provide more blade stability in rotation, which reduces vibration. Due to the fact that "only" two blade arms are present, the material to be mixed comes into maximum contact with the blade edge.

Cross Blade: The special feature lies in the arrangement of the wings or blade arms. Two arms are angled upwards, one is level and one is angled downwards. This special arrangement covers a large area of the container, which means that with the help of the flow generated during the blending process, the ingredients come into maximum contact with blade. The downwardly angled wing draws food that has flowed underneath the blade back up towards it. The result of this blade is perfectly processed foods.

We have the right blade for every blender. What is important is the perfect interplay of the shape and size of the container, the torque of the motor, flow and special blade shape. This ideal combination ensures an optimal blending results.

The blade cannot be re-sharpened.


Both power consumption (watts) and the number of revolutions per minute are not decisive for the force that the motor can develop. Despite the lower wattage, the high-performance Power Blender Pro has more power (torque) due to the built-in brushless motor and keeps it constant during the mixing process, even when the container is full.

The BLDC motor (BLDC = brushless DC motor) of the Power Blender Pro is a brushless DC motor whose power is characterized by a lower speed and high torque. In contrast, the AC motor of the Power Blender, Table Blender and Personal Blender is a brushed AC motor whose performance is characterized by a higher speed with high torque.

The BLDC motor (BLDC = brushless DC motor) of the Power Blender Pro is a brushless DC motor whose power is characterized by a lower speed and high torque. In contrast, the AC motor of the Power Blender, Table Blender and Personal Blender is a brushed AC motor whose performance is characterized by a higher speed with high torque.

The high-performance Power Blender with AC motor achieves approximately 32,000 revolutions per minute, the high-performance Power Blender Pro with BLDC motor achieves approximately 16,500 revolutions per minute. The pure comparison of the rotational speeds is put into perspective as the rotational speed of the high-performance Power Blender with AC motor varies depending on the filling of the containers, while the high-performance Power Blender Pro with BLCD motor has the advantage of always keeping the rotational speed constant regardless of the filling.

The production of the winglet blades takes place in Solingen, Germany. All other components are produced by our long-standing partner in China according to the ZWILLING standard.

As soon as the lid is opened during the blending process, the device stops. Conversely, it does not start if the lid is not put on correctly. This avoids incorrect operation – no uncontrolled leakage of the container contents or accidental start of the mixer blade while foreign bodies (spoons, hands) are in the mixer.

Thanks to the brushless motor in the high-performance Power Blender Pro, the blade stops within one second. The blades of the Power Blender, Table Blender and Personal Blender stop within about two seconds.

Error code E2 means that the motor cannot rotate the blades because they are blocked This can be due to very hard ingredients, for example too large an amount of ice cubes, which block the blender blade and thus the motor. To complete the blending process, first remove the mixing container and try to loosen the contents of the mixing container (caution: there is a risk of injury on the mixer blade) and reduce the amount of contents. Then replace the container on the unit and continue the process.

Error codes E3 and E4 mean that the motor is overheating. Therefore, the motor stops automatically to prevent damage to the device. This can happen if the ventilation holes at the bottom of the mixer are blocked or the device is exposed to high loads for too long. The blender should now cool for at least an hour. If necessary, the amount of content in the mixing container should also be reduced. After that, the mixing process can be continued.

Instead of glass, the high-quality material Tritan was chosen for the containers of the blenders: Tritan is half as heavy as glass, can withstand significantly more stress, is cold- and heat-resistant, is particularly robust and does not shatter if it falls.

Tritan is a high-quality thermoplastic polyester (plastic), known from the production of drinking bottles. It is food-safe and free of harmful chemical compounds such as BPA.

BPA is bisphenol A, a chemical compound in the production of plastic that can evaporate. Since the use of BPA is dispensed with in the production of Tritan, this plastic is harmless to health.

Up to 10 kilograms.

The containers of the Power Blender Pro and Power Blender can be used with the same blender base. The container of the Table Blender in turn fits on the mixer base of the Power Blender and Power Blender Pro. In this case, the speed is adjusted to the smaller container.

Lid, tamper without thermometer and measuring cup.

To clean the container, the cleaning program of the blender is completely sufficient in most cases. Warm water with a drop of detergent instead of cold water is recommended. Possible fat residues can thus be better removed. Container, lid, lid cap and the silicone ring may have to be rinsed by hand.

In principle, yes, but take care as to whether blending fruits with kernel is sensible and healthy. For example, an avocado kernel with the addition of a little liquid can be easily pureed. (NB, this does not apply to the Personal Blender).

Yes, with a little liquid, foods such as frozen fruits or vegetables can be easily processed in all ZWILLING ENFINIGY blenders.

No, there are a number of recipes where the blender can be used, for example hummus, pestos and much more. Delicious recipe ideas can be found here.

Individual mixing containers as accessories will be available shortly. Currently, the 1.8 litre container is the largest container in the range.

Mixing containers including blades are available. The blade is not sold individually, as replacement by the customer is not possible without damaging the container.

The Personal Blender includes a drinking attachment for the mixing container, which turns it into a to-go cup, so that you can take the prepared drink or smoothie with you on the go. The individual container of the Personal Blender including to-go attachment and vacuum lid will soon be available as a separate accessory.

In order to receive the extended warranty, the respective product must be registered on within 6 months from the date of purchase. On the website, the customer receives all the necessary information to make the warranty claim.

The devices may only be disposed of professionally and not in household waste.


  • Always keep the lid closed during use
  • Be sure to let the kettle cool before cleaning
  • For safety, always unplug the kettle before wiping the base plate with a damp cloth
  • Regularly descale to maintain functionality and save electricity.
  • Do not ignore children when the kettle is in operation. Risk of burns!
  • Do not clean the kettle or base unit in the dishwasher
  • Do not clean the kettle with aggressive abrasives or sharp objects
  • Do not put your hand into the steam that is produced during boiling water. Risk of burns!

Prepare your tea break in a relaxed manner with the ZWILLING ENFINIGY glass kettle. Select the temperature on the 360° base station, pour tea into the tea insert and when the tea timer reports, lean back and enjoy the finished tea.


The elegant, timeless appearance of the kettle is matched by clever design features that impress. Double-walled for good insulation on cool outer walls, measuring scales inside, integrated cable coiling, smooth lid opening, limescale filter made of stainless steel and overheating protection – every detail is well thought through.


The Pro kettle is complemented by additional functions that make it a multifunctional kitchen gadget. The sensor touch display can be used to operate 7 programmes for setting the temperature levels, e.g. for different types of tea and baby food, as well as the keep-warm function.

The double-walled housing creates an air chamber between the inner stainless steel container and the outer plastic wall, which ensures that the temperature inside is stored longer and at the same time ensures that the outer wall is kept cooler, even immediately after boiling. The outer housing becomes warm, but not so hot that burns can occur when touched. However, it should be taken into account that all people have a different perception of warmth. Therefore, caution is required when handling heated devices.

According to the preselected program, the keep warm function keeps the desired temperature for a maximum of 30 minutes. Exceptions are the 100°C. At 100°C the temperature is kept for 2 minutes.

Two bi-metal discs shut down the device as soon as there is no more water in the container. This protective measure applies both when switching on without water and when running dry.

The inner capsules of both kettles are made of 8/10 stainless steel.

The glass kettle holds 1.7 liters, the kettle and kettle Pro hold 1.5 liters and the 1.0 liter kettle includes - as the name suggests – 1.0 liters.

Yes. Both kettles have a seamless inner capsule made of stainless steel and concealed heating element. This enables simple, residue-free cleaning, as limescale and germs cannot settle in gaps.

This depends on the water hardness in the individual households. Regular descaling is recommended.


There is a small selection of dishes that can be prepared in the kettle Pro, such as soups. Delicious recipe ideas can be found here.

The kettle containers are only compatible with the respective base station supplied.

In the case of the kettle without temperature control, a mechanical bimetal takes over the automatic shutdown of the device. Here, the steam generated during the boiling process rises through the opening and heats the bimetal. As soon as the temperature is reached, the bimetal temperature sensor switches the device off.

This switch-off also ensures that the kettle is switched off when it is removed from the base station (lift-off function).


  • Use the extra-lift function to remove the contents from the toast slots.
  • It is essential to allow the housing to cool before cleaning.
  • For safety, please always unplug the power before wiping the device with a damp cloth.
  • Empty the crumb drawer regularly and clean if necessary.
  • Do not ignore children when the toaster is in operation. Risk of burns!
  • Do not put your fingers inside the slots, especially if the toaster is still warm. Risk of burns!
  • Do not put pointed and/or metallic objects in the slots to remove the contents.
  • Do not clean the housing with aggressive abrasives.
  • Do not put your hand in, on or over the toaster slots when the device is in operation. Risk of burns!

Whether classic toast bread, bagels or frozen multi-grain bread, the ENFINIGY toaster browns everything to perfection. The toaster offers 7 browning levels, 4 separate heating elements, a lift function for easy removal as well as a bagel button, a thaw button and a warm-up button.

All sizes, including artisan loaves, bagels and buns as well as standard sliced bread..

Due to the metal housing and the heat development of the heating elements, the outer wall of the toaster becomes hot.

The safety shutdown starts when the toasting cycle is finished or works irregularly, for example if slices of bread get stuck during toasting.

Please empty the crumb drawer regularly and wipe the housing if necessary.

This function can be achieved by pressing the "ZWILLING button" on the front of the main dial.

Yes, before the first use, the highest level (7) must be set on the knob and the toaster must be used empty twice to eliminate any dust residues that can lead to an odour.

On the knob are the numbers 1 to 7, which stand for the respective degree of toasting. 1 is the lowest, 7 the highest level. The desired degree of browning must be set to the mark in the centre.

The toasters of the ENFINIGY series in silver are available both with and without a bun rack. This information can be found in the product details of the respective toaster in our online store. Due to an assortment adjustment, the bun attachments will soon only be available separately.

Apart from personal preferences, the setting between levels 2 and 3 is recommended for the use of the bread roll accessory. If necessary, turn the rolls and repeat the toasting process.


  • For weighing, always place the kitchen scale on a dry, non-slip and horizontal surface to ensure accuracy.
  • Charge the kitchen scale exclusively via the corresponding USB cable.
  • Before cleaning, always make sure that the digital scale is not connected to a device, for example a laptop, or a power outlet via the USB cable.
  • Turn off the digital scale before cleaning.
  • Wipe regularly with a soft cloth.
  • Don't ignore smaller children when the digital scale is in operation. The device is not a toy!
  • Do not place on a hot surface or near a grill or other heat source.
  • Do not load above the maximum weight of 10kg.
  • Do not clean the digital scale in the dishwasher.
  • Do not clean the surface with aggressive abrasives or sharp objects.
  • Do not immerse the kitchen scale in water or other liquids.


An indispensable kitchen gadget when it comes to cooking and baking: a set of kitchen scales! The discreet and beautiful design with an easy-to-clean glass platform, LCD display and sensor-touch operation make this a set of kitchen scales 2.0 – and it can even be easily charged via USB cable!

With complete discharge, the integrated battery needs only 2 hours to be fully charged again. If the scale is not used, the battery lasts 563 days, the active use life is 62 hours. In order to protect the battery and prevent unnecessary energy loss, the scale switches off automatically after 2 minutes when not in use.

The maximum weight to measure is 10kg. If more weight is placed on the scale, 'Err' for error will appear on the display, and lasting damage may occur.

Thus, care must be taken to ensure that the weight does not exceed 10kg.

After 2 minutes of non-use, the scale switches off automatically.

It is not recommended to immerse the device in water or other liquids.

There is no need to use additional batteries. The integrated rechargeable battery is charged via the supplied USB charging cable.

Units of measurement are grams and ounces. Smallest representable unit of weight: 1g / 0.1oz.

The robust glass surface is insensitive to heat, but it can conduct heat to the other components like the battery. Therefore, we recommend not to put hot vessels on the scale.

The glass is made of tough borosilicate glass, but pointed objects or scouring sponges should not be used.

Yes, the tare function is operated by touching the on and off buttons.

Since the scale is a precise instrument, shocks should generally be avoided. The glass surface can break if the scale falls at the wrong angle on hard floor coverings.

No, a replacement or repair of the glass is not possible.

No, only the USB cable is included in the scope of delivery, which can of course be used with commercially available adapters.

No, an exchange or repair of the battery is not possible.



Aroma is the key word: The constant brewing temperature and time, the high-temperature boiler, the aroma funnel and the blooming function of the filter coffee machine ensure optimal preparation and a full-bodied coffee aroma. And thanks to the large 1.5-liter water tank, the whole family can enjoy the coffee.

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