Get the most out of your coffee

You can brew a very good filter coffee in a single cup or with a coffee machine. There are various sizes of coffee filters available, and the size 4 coffee filter is the most common. Wondering how much coffee to use per cup? The ideal coffee serving is usually calculated at five to eight grams per cup. This can however vary depending on the bean, roasting method, preparation method, and your personal preference. There are other ways to brew coffee, such as using a French press, which works better with coarsely ground coffee. Try using our ZWILLING ENFINIGY Coffee Grinder to customize your coffee grind for the perfect cup.


What is the ideal temperature water should be when making coffee?

Having your water be between 92 and 96°C is optimal to have your coffee brewed rather than boiled. At this temperature range, the desired aromas are extracted from the coffee, ensuring a balanced coffee flavour. A brewing temperature below this range leads to an unpleasantly acidic taste, while a temperature above this range leads to a bitter taste.


How do I make my coffee not taste bitter?  

A coffee machine that uses the correct brewing temperature (between 92 and 96°C) and the correct brewing time is crucial for a balanced flavour that is neither too sour, acidic or bitter. In addition, the coffee bean itself or how it was roasted could also factor into how your coffee tastes.


How much coffee do I need per cup? 

A rule of thumb is 5–8 grams of coffee per cup. However, this can vary depending on personal preference and how the beans were roasted. A good coffee machine has a significant influence on the extraction of aromas and can help reduce the amount of coffee used per cup.


What should I consider when looking for a coffee filter?

It is important to consider the size of the coffee filter. The ZWILLING ENFINIGY Drip Coffee Maker, for example, requires a size 4 coffee filter, also labelled as 1x4.


What is a coffee bloom and what are its benefits?

“Blooming” comes from traditional hand brewing. In the case of coffee preparation, it describes the formation of bubbles when the coffee is briefly pre-brewed with hot water, followed by a period of rest. This gives the coffee time to “bloom” before the actual brewing process, allowing natural gases such as carbon dioxide to escape from the coffee during the coffee-making process. These would otherwise result in an acidic taste. Another effect is that the desired flavours are more easily released from the coffee during the subsequent brewing process, leading to a noticeably better-tasting coffee.


Looking to prepare filtered coffee? Get the right equipment to ensure you enjoy the best cup. And if you want to make excellent coffee, you can rely on our ZWILLING ENFINIGY Drip Coffee Maker. It has been honoured with the “Certified Home Brewer” – Awarded by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). The SCA coffee specialists certify solely those drip coffee makers that meet their high standards. Only machines that can guarantee the right water temperature and ideal brewing time, among other criteria, receive the coveted certification. Wherever you see the SCA name is where you'll taste only the best coffee. Try it yourself and enjoy great filtered coffee.