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Save food, save time, save money

  • All you need to start sous-vide
  • Precise cooking for the perfect cooking point
  • Very easy to use & space-saving storage
  • Multifunctional and handy vacuum pump without cables
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Getting the perfect cooking results is now more relaxed than ever: With the Ultimate ZWILLING FRESH & SAVE sous-vide starter set , you are ready to conquer the world of vacuum cooking. Included in the set: A powerful and space-saving sous-vide stick, 6 heat-resistant vacuum bags, a battery-powered and handy vacuum pump and 8Qt stock pot with lid and sous vide lid. Vacuum-packed meat, fish, vegetables and fruit are cooked in a water bath at the ideal and lowest possible temperatures during sous-vide cooking. The result: the perfect cooking point and even cooking result from the edge to the core every time.

And this is how easy it is with the sous-vide cooker set: Fix the sous-vide stick in a pot of water and simply set the ideal cooking temperature and time using the intuitive LED touch display. While the stick brings the water to the target temperature, fill the reusable bags with your food and simply close them with the zip fastener. There is no need for complicated assembly of bulky equipment, cutting and heat sealing of films. Then simply apply the vacuum pump and vacuum the sous-vide zip bags automatically and in seconds at the push of a button. Put the vacuum-sealed food in the water bath and the stick does the rest. So you can take care of other tasks in the kitchen or your guests in peace, as the timer function in the stick gives an acoustic signal at the end of the cooking time and stops automatically. And if you want to eat a little later, no problem! Simply leave your food in the water bath at the set temperature. The perfect cooking point remains unchanged. Voilà, sous-vide is that easy!

  • Set includes 3 small bags, 3 medium bags, 1 vacuum pump, 1 sous-vide stick, 8Qt Stock pot with Lid and Sous Vi Lid and sous-vide rac
  • Specially developed lid has a recess that is precisely tailored to the size of the sous-vide stick
  • The stock pots SIGMA Classic+ sandwich base with its optimal heat storage and heat distribution helps to save energy during cooking
  • Titanium-reinforced encapsulated base that is especially suitable for cleaning in dishwashers
  • High-quality 18/10 stainless steel that is especially hygienic, robust and scratch-resistant
  • Especially wide pouring rim for safe and precise pouring without dripping
  • Integrated measuring scale that makes measuring directly in the pot much easier
  • Fresh & Save vacuum bags keeps food fresh up to 5 times longer than non-vacuum storage methods—save time and money
  • Reduces food and plastic waste
  • Exclusive Fresh & Save technology preserves flavors and nutrients and prevents freezer burn
  • ZWILLING Culinary World app tracks when you store food and when it will spoil – helping to reduce food waste
  • Expert German engineering
  • Cordless vacuum pump is fast, quiet, and easy to use. Its compact design easily fits in any kitchen


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Why sous-vide cooking?

Never miss the perfect cooking point again: The sous-vide stick heats the water to exactly the temperature that the food must have in order to reach the desired cooking level. Whether it’s meat or fish, you get completely uniform cooking results from the edge to the core. Just like a professional.

Less time management

Sous-vide has another decisive advantage: Less time management in the kitchen. Once the minimum cooking time has elapsed, the food can remain in the water bath at the set temperature, as it does not cook beyond the desired cooking point. This gives you the flexibility to decide exactly when to serve.

Anyone can now sous-vide

Easy use at every step: The pump is always ready for use, without an annoying cable and automatically vacuums at the push of a button. The zipper bag can be easily closed and opened time and again – without complicated cutting, inserting and heat sealing of films.

Vacuum pump with added benefits

The vacuum pump included in the set can not only vacuum bags for sous-vide, the system can also be expanded with different containers made of glass and plastic or wine stoppers. Thanks to the vacuum, food can be kept fresh up to five times longer than when stored without vacuum.