Our range of high-quality ladles lets you reach every last scoop. Serve soups, sauces, and more.


4 Results
4 Results
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ZWILLING Jessica (polished)
Gravy ladle polished
C$ 28.00 C$ 12.00
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Soup ladle, 31 cm, silicone
4.9 Star Rating (18 Reviews)
C$ 32.00 C$ 22.99
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ZWILLING Jessica (polished)
29 cm polished Soup ladle
C$ 45.00 C$ 29.99
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Soup ladle, 32 cm, 18/10 Stainless Steel
4.8 Star Rating (18 Reviews)
C$ 41.00 C$ 30.99
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Buy ladles and get your fill with ZWILLING

Soup ladles can be used for a myriad of tasks in the kitchen: transferring, serving and filling up bowls with soup, sauces or anything liquid, in the perfect portions and without a hitch. Browse the ZWILLING online store to find your perfect soup ladle, or several of them in fact, as we stock them in different sizes and styles as a matter of course and they’ll always come in useful. If you’re looking to acquire a new soup ladle, then you can get your fill on the ZWILLING online store!

Why you shouldn’t be without a soup ladle?

This utensil is a consistent top-performer in the kitchen. A ladle is an ideal aid for serving soups, sauces or other runny or creamy foods from the pot to people’s plates. You can also use it to transfer hot liquids from one pot to another whilst cooking. Or take risotto, for example: if you’re a fan of this dish, you’ll know how important and tricky it is to keep adding stock. With a good ladle, it’s almost a safe bet that nothing can go awry. 

Ladles for spooning and dishing out liquids

Ladles work so well thanks to their particular design. Their long stem serves as a handle and is bent at the top end so it can be safely placed on the edge of a pan. A deep bowl can be found at the other end with capacity to hold a single portion. 

Do I need ladles in a variety of sizes? 

Depending on what you’re cooking, you’ll benefit from having a selection of ladles available in various sizes as it’s often the case that you’ll need to work with different amounts of sauces or soups. For this very reason, ladles are available in a variety of sizes and we stock this variety on the ZWILLING online store as a matter of course. 

What materials are ladles made from? 

Ladles vary not only in size, but also in the material they’re made from. Here at ZWILLING, most of our ladles are made from 18/10 stainless steel, meaning that they are robust, extremely sturdy and high in quality. What’s more, ZWILLING stainless steel ladles are hygienic and the majority of them are dishwasher-safe. You can also find silicone models on our store, some with wooden handles.

A variety of soup ladles, all chic in design

We have a variety of soup ladles in our range and they are all timeless and sophisticated in design. Many of them also match ZWILLING flatware lines, making a perfect addition to your flatware and giving the finishing touch to your table setting.

Top tip: buy ladles from the same line as a chic matching set.

Find your perfect ladle

When choosing from among the variety of shapes and designs, the most important thing to consider is what works for you. This is where the ergonomic handles on our ladles really play their part. They are comfortable to hold, sit well in your hand and are also convenient to use even for longer cooking tasks. 

Ladle storage - let’s get hooked up 

Last but not least, you’ll need to hook yourself up with a place to store your new ladle. But don’t worry, with a practical eyelet at the end of the handle, you can simply hook your ladle onto your utensil wall rack so it’s always kept within reach. Your new ladle is set to become a firm staple in your kitchen.