Culinary world

ZWILLING is characterised by the variety of its brands from all over the world. Come explore our melting pot of cultures, traditions and cuisines. Try a recipe from France. Pick up knife skills from Japan. Or simply find some food for thought. There's a world of flavour out there just waiting to be discovered—and it’s all right here for the tasting.
Destination US West Coast - Trailer
Visit Alana Kysar
Visit Farmlot
Visit Gina & Jim
Visit Botanica
Ahi Poke Bowl Recipe
Seared Vegetables with Romesco Recipe
Fresh and healthy
The American West Coast is one of the most fascinating locations when it comes to fresh and healthy food and is considered as America's vegetable garden. We went on a culinary journey and collected inspiring recipes for fresh and healthy dishes. From poke bowls to grilled chicken tacos - and much more.
Destination Japan - Trailer
Hand-rolled Sushi Recipe (by Awomb Kyoto)
Visit Taka Kyoto - Takashi Nishimura
Visit Tsukiji Fish Market & Sushi Dai Tokyo
Tradition meets innovation
Food plays a central role in Japan's complex culture, food of high quality is not a random choice, it's a philosophy, they are tied together, inseparable. Come and follow us on a trip through the inspiring Japanese cuisine and enjoy hand-rolled sushi, white curry and much more.
Destination France - Trailer
Visit Cécile Molinié
Visit Gesa Hansen and Restaurateur Charles Compagnon
Breton Lobster With Bisque Sauce Recipe
Celebrate famous French cuisine
France is the trinity of Paris, the countryside, and the sea. It rouses and satisfies your appetite, you'll never get enough of it. Follow us on a delicious culinary journey to this wonderful country and enjoy lobster, oysters, pumpkin risotto and much more.
Destination Italy - Trailer
Ricotta And Spinach Gnudi Recipe
Mozzarella Stuffed Gnocchi With Tomato Confit Recipe
Tagliatelle with Pancetta, Leek and Tomato Recipe
Culinary tradition
The kitchens and tables in Italy are always filled with the most wonderful treats waiting to be shared. We went on a trip to this vibrant country and origin of culinary tradition to collect inspiring authentic recipes like the delicious ricotta spinach gnudi ...and much more.
Destination Germany - Trailer
Visit Cornelia Poletto
Visit Andreas Hillejan
Visit Marta Greber
Pancakes With Chocolate And Fresh Fruits Recipe
ZWILLING Production Behind The Scenes
Culinary Craft
Nature's enchanting play makes everyone fall in love with Germany's countryside, not less than its cities, castles and culture. The culture is strongly defined by crafts, tradition and good food. The kind of food you want to bring to the table when you sit together with family and friends. On our culinary journey we collected a variety of local recipes - follow us and enjoy beef roulades, pancakes, different fish dishes or the famous German bread.



Culinary World by ZWILLING

ZWILLING was established in 1731 by the knifemaker Peter Henckels and is today one of the oldest brands in the world. Since its foundation, the mission of ZWILLING is centered on uniting people and their passion for cooking by developing high-quality products driven by global culinary and lifestyle trends.

With Culinary World we open the door a little wider. We want to experience foreign countries through the eyes of their kitchens, food and lifestyle. We want to savor local specialities, their culinary characteristics and the cultural importance of food. In short: the daily culinary customs of different countries with all their unique aspects.

The aim of this journey is to inspire people around the world with the diversity of global cuisine, bringing them closer together through food and the joy of sharing meals.