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Food management in 3 steps

1. Prep and store

Prepare and store your food.

2. Scan and add

Add the contents of each container to your virtual app inventory via NFC or QR code.

3. Save and remind

Save all food and receive reminders when something needs to be used up.

The All-in-One app for your kitchen

The ZWILLING app lets you discover new food management methods. All your stored food can be tracked via the app. This lets you achieve more sustainability and freshness! A completely new way of organizing your kitchen and everything in it. A revolution for your kitchen organization that you can start today. Get culinary inspiration and buy anything else you need directly from the app. Discover the ZWILLING app and all its possibilities now!


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The ZWILLING app for effective food management

Food is an important part of our lives. Whether we're cooking at home or eating out, we're always looking for the best dining experience and ways to make food more sustainable. With the increasing use of smartphones and mobile apps, many ways exist to improve our eating habits and optimize food storage. The ZWILLING app brings many of these possibilities together in one place.

The foundation: Correct food storage

Storing food is important to make food last longer and thus prevent waste. For this, make sure your food is stored in airtight containers and chilled as quickly as possible. Leftovers should be used within two days. It is also a good idea to freeze food in portion sizes so they are easy to thaw and use later. Storing food properly not only saves you money, but also helps protect the environment. And the ZWILLING app helps you do it!

Smart storage, longer shelf life

The ZWILLING app lets you discover new food management methods. Because smart food storage means storing food efficiently and sustainably. The aim is to extend the food’s shelf life and thus avoid food waste. 

Buy well, store well

Before going into the app, let’s go to the supermarket. Conscious food shopping is the first step in smart food management. Only buy what you really need. The more you plan, the less you'll have to throw away. For example, our reusable FRESH & SAVE CUBE containers are great for storing your dry food supplies. They extend your food’s shelf life and effectively protect it from any storage pests. 

Track food directly on your smartphone

The best thing is, the food app means you can easily track all your stored food. Get extended shelf life and freshness in the palm of your hand by scanning the contents of all storage boxes with your smartphone using either QR codes or NFC labels. The ZWILLING app notifies you when a best-before date expires, and something needs to be used up. 

Become a food manager now

This way, you will also become a digital food manager! Scan, track, and never forget again. You’ll have an overview of your entire kitchen inventory on your smartphone – all the time and everywhere. A revolution for your kitchen organization! You can also get everything else you need for your kitchen and your culinary highlights – such as new ZWILLING FRESH & SAVE vacuum seal containers – in the app via the Shopping function!

Organization by ZWILLING

Effective kitchen organization is an important factor for successful kitchen work. This includes careful workflow planning and optimal use of the available space. A well-organized kitchen saves time and reduces stress when preparing meals. Proper food storage and use of kitchen appliances and tools can also save money. 

Create your Culinary World

On top of all this, a clean and tidy kitchen creates a pleasant working atmosphere. Good kitchen organization is therefore an important prerequisite for successful and efficient work in the kitchen. And the ZWILLING app is the ideal support for your tidy, sustainable Culinary World!