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The Chinese chef's knife differs from the chef's knives common in Germany and Europe primarily by its special shape. On the outside, it is more reminiscent of a kitchen hatchet due to its almost rectangular shape and therefore also bears the name "Chinese cleaver".

The Asian chef's knife is characterized by an extremely wide blade with a straight or only slightly curved cutting edge. Due to this shape, the Chinese chef's knife cannot be used with the usual European weighing cut, but with a pushing or pulling cut. A big advantage of the Asian shape of the chef's knife is that you can pick up and transport the clippings very well with this knife. The length of the blade of a Chinese knife is about twice the width. The blades are usually 20 centimeters long and 10 centimeters high.

Chinese chef's knife for bite-sized dishes

In Asian cuisine, it is not common for food to be chopped on the dinner plate. Rather, they are chopped up in the kitchen and served bite-size. For this form of preparation, chef's knives are helpful, which are equally suitable for chopping meat, fish and vegetables so that the dishes can be served quickly and easily.

In Europe, a meat knife, a fish knife and other special knives are used for food preparation. The Santoku knife represents a compromise between Chinese and other kitchen knives. It is wider than a European kitchen knife, but narrower than a Chinese one. In addition, the Santoku knife is less pointed.

A Chinese chef's knife gets its special sharpness from the special manufacturing process. It is made of extremely hard stainless steel and is significantly heavier than the kitchen knives common in Europe. Chinese chef's knives from ZWILLING are equipped with FRIODUR blades, manufactured using a special ice hardening process, and are therefore reliably sharp for a long time.

Universally applicable and yet so special - Chinese chef's knife

The special shape of the classic Chinese chef's knife from ZWILLING allows many universal applications. With this knife, you can chop hard components such as poultry bones and at the same time cut soft foods such as fish with clean and fine cuts.

Cutting chives and other herbs is possible with this knife as well as cutting a roast. Thanks to the special width of the blade, you can simply slide all food onto the knife and then put it in the saucepan or bowl.

In addition to the high utility value, a Chinese chef's knife from ZWILLING is characterized by its elegant design. The black plastic handles are non-slip and shaped so that they fit optimally in the hand. The weight of the knives is balanced, making safe handling easier for you.


A cleaver is also known as a cleaver or kitchen hatchet. You need this special knife to cut meat and bones quickly and safely. In contrast to a conventional chef's knife, the shape of the chopping knife is rectangular and has a solid and robust blade with a length of approx. 15 cm - ideal for cutting ribs, chops and small animals such as lamb or rabbits. Cleaver in the ZWILLING online shop impress with their successful mix of high quality and attractive design.

Cleaver: specialists in cutting

Thanks to the wedge-shaped blade and a well-balanced combination of handle and blade, the cleaver has the advantage that great force is exerted on a relatively small area. This makes it easier to cut hard objects such as bones and tendons. A kitchen hatchet is not as sharp as normal kitchen knives because stability is more important than sharpness. The high weight ensures sufficient swing when chopping.

Tip: It is best to use a chopping block as a base. If you don't have one at hand, a solid wooden cutting board is also suitable.

Chopping knives are often equated or confused with a Chinese chef's knife. The blade design is similar, but the functions of both types of knife differ. While the cleaver is used for cutting meat and bones, the Chinese chef's knife is used for cutting vegetables, meat, fish and herbs. Therefore, in contrast to the cleaver, the Chinese chef's knife has a razor-sharp edge.

Even if cleaver does not have to be as sharp as a vegetable knife or filleting knife, these knives should also be sharpened. These knives are ideal for chopping, but a blunt knife cannot cut bones and tendons. Find out how to properly sharpen a knife in the inspiration section.

Storage and care of cleavers

As with all other knives, chopping knives should not be stored loosely in a drawer with other knives or kitchen helpers. A magnetic knife block or a knife block with a suitable shaft is very suitable.

Even if the knives from the ZWILLING online shop stand for the highest quality in terms of cutlery, they need appropriate care. To avoid premature wear, cleaning with detergent and dish cloth is recommended