Sustainability at ZWILLING

At ZWILLING, we know how we act today determines what our planet will look like tomorrow. As one of the oldest brands in the world, we have always been forward-thinking. We have not focused on short-term profit but on creating long-lasting value. We contribute to a present and future worth living at home in kitchens worldwide.


Think sustainably. Act sustainably.

Sustainability is of fundamental importance to us. For almost 300 years, we have continuously evolved with the future in mind. By establishing the right course today, we can secure and improve the living conditions of future generations. 


With this goal in mind, we constantly develop innovative and sustainable products to reduce our environmental impact. We have established sustainable procurement principles that demonstrate our commitment to our employees. All projects undergo constant monitoring so they can be continuously optimized. We take a lasting and adaptable approach to sustainability.


How can we contribute to a better future with our products? Reduce our CO2 footprint? Avoid waste? Ensure ethical working conditions across the supply chain? We ask ourselves many questions about sustainability. Let’s answer them together.

Committed to the environment

We act globally for more sustainability.

We Care

Shaping a better future together.

Sustainable products

Made for you, developed for a better environment.

Smart packaging

Creating tomorrow’s packaging today.

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