Kettle with temperature setting: Intelligent heating for perfect indulgence

Boiling water quickly for various purposes - that's what characterizes a good kettle. The ZWILLING ENFINIGY kettles offer you more. More innovative functions for optimized heating. More temperature settings that heat your water to the point in several temperature levels. Your benefits: perfectly prepared coffee, tea or baby food.

Heat water to the exact degree

If you heat up water for different purposes often, you have come across the following problem: Sometimes the water is too hot for the delicate green tea. Or is it too cold for aromatic coffee? This is exactly where our kettles with temperature control come in. Thanks to the different temperature settings, which you can set individually to your needs, the water can be prepared perfectly for the different beverages and foods. For example, a low temperature ensures the gentle preparation of baby food, while higher temperatures develop the full flavour of coffee or tea.

Kettle with temperature settings for more taste

Kettles with temperature settings not only allow you to adjust the temperature individually but also preserve the valuable ingredients of your food and drinks. Especially when preparing green tea or coffee, this is an invaluable advantage for your taste experience. ZWILLING ENFINIGY kettles with temperature control also show their strengths for herbal teas or the preparation of instant noodles by bringing your water to precisely the right temperature.

Good kettles can do more

In addition to precise temperature control, our kettles with temperature settings are impressive and have further valuable features. Enjoy our models with a keep-warm function that keeps the water at the selected temperature after heating. So you can take your time and enjoy your hot drink without cooling it down.

Kettle with temperature settings save energy

Another advantage of the ZWILLING ENFINIGY kettles with temperature settings is their energy efficiency. By explicitly selecting the number of degrees, you use less electricity with them than with kettles with only a standard temperature. This not only protects the environment but also your wallet.

Boiling water with program - and with perfect enjoyment

Kettles with temperature adjustment allow you to prepare coffee, tea, or baby food perfectly. At the same time, they preserve valuable ingredients and help develop full flavours at the perfect temperature. The precise temperature control, combined with other useful functions, makes the ZWILLING ENFINIGY kettles with temperature setting indispensable helpers in everyday life. Experience it yourself, and you won't want to do without it!