Japanese knife tradition.

A testimony of mastership.

When you hold a MIYABI knife, you know it is unique and made just for you and created by hand - with the help of machines, never by machines alone. The Japanese knife tradition values craftsmanship, precision, and artistic expression. The soul of the tradition is in every Japanese knife and joins the hands of the one who holds it. It is a piece of history that lives on and tells a new story with every cut.

The secrets of Japanese masters.

The blade, forged from the finest materials, embodies the essence of perfection. The art of forging is an interplay of hand and mind. Each knife carries the signature of its master. The handle, expertly shaped, is a work of art. Made of fine woods such as birch and maple, its ergonomics ensure the knife is perfectly balanced, and the handle acts as an extension of one's body.

The legacy of the samurai.

MIYABI knives are manufactured in Seki, Japan, just as samurai swords once were. The proud warriors saw their swords as an extension of their souls. After the end of the samurai era, the blacksmiths of Seki adapted their knowledge to the production of knives, and they continue these traditions even today.