Precision that is second to none.

Shokunin - a commitment to artisanship.

MIYABI employees work according to the Japanese shokunin principle, which in Japanese means constantly refining and striving for perfection in craftsmanship. It is a philosophy that considers even the smallest detail with care. We live this principle through the Honbazuke honing process in knifemaking, a legacy combining centuries of knowledge and technical expertise.

The best of two worlds combined.

Since the 14th century, Seki has been the heart of high-end Japanese knife manufacturing. All MIYABI knives are still produced there today. This picturesque town in Gifu Prefecture is the birthplace of knife legends and a symbol of master craftsmanship. The pursuit of perfection is deeply rooted here and shapes both the past and the present. We take it one step further by merging Japanese tradition with German innovation.

Perfection knows no compromise.

German engineering with centuries of tradition. With a MIYABI knife in your hand, you can achieve the finest cuts with the ideal union of wood and steel.