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  • Fontignac
    Cast Iron
    2 Colors

    This product may have minor visual imperfections, though this will not affect the product's performance. This may include discoloration, blemishes, or chips that have been enameled over.

    The Fontignac Grill Pan helps you create mouthwatering dishes that bring quality, expertise and tradition to your table. The ridges on the bottom of this pan not only leave seared grill marks, but elevate food, separating the drippings for healthier cooking. Use this Grill Pan to cook your chicken breast to perfection, prepare mouthwatering steaks and burgers, or add flavor to roasted vegetables. Due to its ability to evenly distribute and retain heat for long periods of time, this Grill Pan will make your favorite dishes taste better than ever.

    The Fontignac Grill Pan is hand crafted in France, following years of tradition and expertise. Each piece is unique, as it is cast in a single use sand mold, making it one of a kind.

    $186.00 $69.99