Paring & Peeling Knives

Paring & Peeling Knives
Small, light and versatile knife with a slim blade and centre tip. Peels, cuts, cleans and garnishes fruit, vegetables and meat
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Paring & Peeling Knives

Fresh vegetables and fruit are part of healthy cuisine. Such an important part of our daily meals must be portioned bite-sized or prepared for processing. There are special kitchen knives for this purpose: a good paring knife and a sharp peeling knife from ZWILLING should therefore be found in every kitchen.

Raw vegetables from apples to zucchini can be portioned bite-sized, peeled or carved into imaginative decorations. This whets the appetite for healthy snacks and makes creative preparation fun. Because, as is well known, food should also be a feast for your eyes.

Dice, peg, slice, peel – paring and peeling knives from ZWILLING

In most cases, fruit and vegetables have a difficult consistency for cutting: often thin skin surrounds a mostly pliable, possibly watery core. To cut or slice such food cleanly without crushing it, a kitchen knife requires special blades and an optimized shape. The blade of a peeling knife from ZWILLING is therefore narrow and straight, the whole knife is relatively small. On the one hand, this shape allows straight, smooth cuts through fruit, and on the other hand, the blade can also be guided in a curved cutting direction; for example, to release the core of the quartered fruit or peel it.

A paring knife from ZWILLING, on the other hand, is about nine centimeters long, has a straight blade with a stable point and a curved back. With the hard tip, small damaged spots can be removed with pinpoint accuracy. The hard blade cuts peelings, stalks, and firm tubers just as safely and precisely as it does softer vegetables such as tomatoes. Even the supreme discipline - the clean slicing of tomatoes - is therefore very easy with a vegetable knife from ZWILLING.

Paring and peeling knives - clever blades for enthusiastic cooks

The material quality of knives made from the ZWILLING special melt offers you maximum stability, flexibility, and corrosion resistance. The steel reaches stability of about 57 Rockwell. FRIODUR blades treated with the ice-hardening process are particularly resistant. SIGMAFORGE blades are manufactured from a single piece.

The ZWILLING range also includes a wide selection of fruit and vegetable knives in a classic three-rivet design or a modern design with fresh bright colors. The handles are ergonomically shaped and non-slip. Whether plastic or wooden handle or full metal in one piece: a kitchen knife from the ZWILLING kitchen world lies comfortably in the hand and allows you to work safely and without tiring. The paring and peeling knives are particularly easy to care for, in keeping with kitchen hygiene. Models without a wooden handle are also dishwasher-safe.

For lovers of Japanese cooking culture, the Shotoh knife of the MIYABI brand is also a particularly exclusive and noble kitchen aid: with its damask pattern, extremely sharp blade, and Pakkawood handles, it is the perfect basis for equipping with Japanese knives.