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Demeyere John Pawson
Designed by minimalist architect John Pawson, the combination of Demeyere's functional complexity and formal simplicity infuse this series with inimitable character.
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  • Demeyere John Pawson 7-Ply
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John Pawson

John Pawson collection. Inspired by his belief that the kitchen is the center of home, minimalist architect John Pawson designed these exquisite pieces to elevate everyday cooking for professional and home chefs. Each modern pan beautifully transitions from the stove to the table thanks to the revolutionary Silvinox® surface treatment that maintains the stunning, silvery white finish. The 7-layer construction provides unparalleled frying and browning while guaranteeing exceptional heat distribution and retention. The straight sided pans boast a unique 7-layer base, InductoSeal®, whose copper disk ensures impressive heat conduction. For all other pans, a specialized 7-PlyMaterial® with an aluminum core is used up to the edge spreading heat evenly over the entire surface of the pan.

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