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Soup & Stock Pots

High-quality stock and soup pots for delicious pasta, meat, and vegetable dishes

Soup stock pots in first-class quality and various designs form the basis for tasty dishes. They ensure that recipes can be implemented optimally. At ZWILLING you will find attractive offers for everyday cooking, from practical saucepans and stewpots to spacious roasting pans.

You can furnish yourself with completely new or extend and supplement existing cookware sets. Let yourself be inspired by a high-quality range and discover innovative technologies and designs to make your kitchen work easier.

Soup and stock pots with numerous useful functions

The material used is the decisive criterion for the cooking and frying properties of a saucepan. ZWILLING soup and stock pots are made of stainless steel, aluminum, or cast iron. They convince with even heat conduction and storage. This saves energy and time during cooking. Especially practical are ovenproof cooking and roasting pots that you can also use in the oven: for example, to keep food warm or to bake food au gratin. Depending on the model and brand, ZWILLING's pots inspire with intelligent extras such as thermo-insulating plastic handles, scales on the inside, or glass lids.

If you have little storage space available in the kitchen, pots with folding handles are ideal. These can be stacked to save space and stored in the cupboard or on the shelf.

Soup and Stock Pots in brand quality

In the field of cooking pots and pans, the traditional manufacturer ZWILLING has a distinctive product range, which is complemented by the brands BALLARINI, DEMEYERE, and STAUB. The individual brands present a successful selection of modern kitchen equipment in the online store.

You can order the products as a ready-made set with pots in different sizes, or you can choose individual models from the wide selection to suit your needs. Which stock pots you choose depends entirely on the type of dishes you want to prepare them. For example, a saucepan is ideal for puddings and sauces, while low pots are suitable for vegetables. Higher versions are ideal for preparing pasta, potatoes, and rice. Special milk or meat pots complement the range of functional cookware in the store.

Cookware at ZWILLING is generally suitable for the common types of gas, hot plate, and ceramic hob. Many of the products can also be used on induction stoves.