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Braisers & Cast Iron Braiser Pans

Buy high-quality braisers for your favorite dishes

Juicy stews with meat and vegetables are best served in a good braiser. These must have special properties so that ragouts and stir fries as well as coq au vin or ratatouille turn out well. You can buy high-quality braisers with or without lids which will support your cooking more professionally.

What’s the difference between classic skillets and braisers?

You can distinguish between a braiser pan and a customary skillet very easily. We have put together the most important properties of a braiser for you.

High rim and large diameter

Braisers have a higher rim, similar to a saute pan. Ragouts and stir fries that often to be served to several people are prepared in it. So a braiser must have plenty of space. For this reason high braisers usually have a diameter of 28 cm or larger.

Braisers with a lid

It is worth buying a braiser with a lid. Because some recipes require that a braiser is covered and the aromas do not escape. The condensation drips back into the pan so the dish remains juicy. Lids are usually made of glass.

Heat retentive material

While meat and fish are often seared briefly and sharply in a conventional skillet, dishes in a braiser cook for hours in steam. It’s all the more important that the heat is stored well. This benefits both the dish and your electricity bill. Braisers are often made from cast iron, but also from stainless steel or aluminum.

Do you buy a braiser or a braising saucepan?

The alternative to a braiser is a braising saucepan. The main difference between them is the capacity. If you regularly cook for several people it is worth buying a braising saucepan with a large capacity. A braiser also has very good frying properties so that meat and vegetables can be fried directly in the braiser before simmering.

How can you use a braiser in the kitchen?

Meat can be quickly seared directly in the braiser before further cooking, so that the roasting aromas develop well. Then the seared food braises in the liquid which in turn develops steam in the braiser. In this way the braised food cooks in the steam without you having to cook it in the classic way.

Which material is best suited to a braiser?

High-quality, stable braisers can be made from different materials. It is important that you can sear your food well and that the braiser distributes heat evenly. There are essentially three materials:

1. Cast iron braisers

Braisers were and are traditionally made from cast iron. Cast iron transmits heat very well, it holds warmth well too and transfers it evenly to your food. It is also practical that the pan can be used to serve your food directly.

2. Aluminum braisers

Aluminum transmits heat faster but cannot store it as well as cast iron. Braisers made of aluminum are, however, much lighter and handier, its usually fits better with usual kitchen equipment. Many aluminum braisers have a non-stick coating that prevents the food burning.

3. Stainless steel braisers

Stainless steel stores heat very well and is also suitable for the oven. It is scratchproof and tough and with the right handle, also suitable for the dishwasher.

Buy induction-compatible braisers

Do you own an induction cooker and want to buy the right braiser for it? Our range has many of the right cast iron, aluminum and stainless steel pans that are suitable for induction cookers. Simply check this property in the technical data.

Are you looking for a high-quality braiser with or without a lid for your kitchen? Then we hope you have fun browsing our range.