ZWILLING Fresh & Save assorted / Glass L/Lunchbox M 7-pcs Vacuum starter set

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The FRESH & SAVE Starter Set with Glass & Lunch Box.: The relaxed way to enjoy freshness.


Once you’ve introduced this starter set into your kitchen, you’ll never want to let it go: One large, beautifully designed vacuum container made of glass, a medium lunch box made of light and durable plastic, the four reusable vacuum bags and the automatic vacuum pump are your loyal companions in the kitchen from now on.

Food stays fresh up to five times longer compared to conventional non-vacuum storage methods!


Do a big shop once a week and refrigerate or freeze fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and fish in the vacuum container or bags from the series and create your own fresh market stall at home. Prepare delicious meals days in advance and enjoy them as fresh as the day they were cooked. The vacuum bread box with a practical separator is also a great way to take food with you. Cook meat sous vide or marinate meat for the grill in just 30 minutes in the vacuum bags. On the go - whether at school, in the office or on a trip to the countryside - the practical lunch box provides fresh snacks.


Here’s how it works: Dock the vacuum pump onto the valve and at the push of a button it extracts the air from the vacuum container and the bags in seconds. The highlight: It stops automatically once a sufficient vacuum has been generated. The flavor, aromas and vitamins are safely preserved.


You’ll always have an overview of your stored food with the ZWILLING Culinary World App: Simply scan the QR code on the vacuum container or bags and get a reminder when to enjoy the meals or food. The new FRESH & SAVE Starter Set makes it simple for you.

  • Includes: 1 x vacuum pump, 1 x large glass vacuum container, 1 x medium plastic lunchbox, 2 x medium vacuum bags, 2 x small vacuum bags plus a zip closure tool and USB cable
  • Keep food fresh up to five times longer
  • Borosilicate glass containers are ovenproof up to 180°C without the lid and can be used for room temperature dry goods storage
  • Glass containers and vacuum bags can be chilled, frozen or heated in the microwave
  • The reusable vacuum bags can also be used to cook sous vide
  • 24 month guarantee


  • Item no. 36814-007-0
  • Color: white
  • Heat resistance: 180.00 ºC
  • Cold resistance: -20.00 ºC
  • Substance: assorted
  • Lid existing: Yes
  • Freezer-safe: Yes
  • Number of parts: 7
  • Voltage: 110-240 V
  • Net weight: 1.93 kg
  • Length of product: 29.50 cm
  • Width of product: 28.20 cm
  • Height of product: 15.70 cm
ZWILLING Fresh & Save assorted / Glass L/Lunchbox M 7-pcs Vacuum starter set
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Vacuum lunch boxes: Fresh to go!

For anyone who prefers lightweight, there are the extra light and shatter-proof plastic vacuum boxes. Dishwasher-safe, freezer and microwave safe, they keep your food fresh up to five times longer than conventional non-vacuum storage methods.

Vacuum pump: Freshness at the press of a button

Dock the vacuum pump onto the container or bag valve and at the push of a button it extracts the air in mere seconds. It stops automatically once a sufficient vacuum has been obtained, locking in flavor, aromas, and vitamins.

Vacuum lunch box

Enjoy fresh food on the go. Fresh & Save vacuum lunch boxes are perfect for enjoying crunchy apple slices on the playground, appetizing sandwiches during breaks, and crisp salads in the office. Prepare, vacuum-seal, and enjoy food that tastes as fresh as on the first day it was prepared, even days later. The handy divider creates compartments for two different foods, so everything stays in its place.

Vacuum bags: All-Rounder

No matter if you plan to stock fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, fish or bread in the fridge or freezer or if you want to cook sous-vide, heat food in the microwave or marinate something: The reusable and leak-proof vacuum bags are ready to use! Thanks to vacuuming, freezer burn is history.

How-to clean the vacuum pump

Food "to go"

Simple way to marinade food


FRESH & SAVE is revolutionizing the way your store and organize your food and meals. One touch of a button – and the smart vacuum pump preserves flavors and nutrients in seconds. Food stays fresh up to five times longer compared to conventional non-vacuum storage solutions! A QR code on all of the storage containers in the series connects your food to the ZWILLING Culinary World app. Never forget anything again – and throw less food away! Simple. Smart. Fresh.