ZWILLING Enfinigy Drip coffee maker, Plastic | silver | UK

Award Winning Coffee Maker

  • Awarded the SCA Golden Cup Standard
  • Unique corrosion-resistant stainless-steel boiler
  • Blooms grinds before brewing for robust flavour
  • Large 1.5 litre water tank
  • Convenient timer and keep warm functions
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This thoughtfully designed 12-cup capacity drip coffee maker ensures the ideal time and temperature setting for brewing the highest-quality coffee.

It features a powerful shower head that moistens coffee grounds thoroughly and evenly, with a blooming function that develops a smoother, less sour-flavoured coffee. Also featured is a high-temperature, corrosion-resistant stainless-steel boiler, superior to copper and aluminium boilers, that will never alter the flavour of brewing water.

  • Unique Stainless-Steel Boiler: Highly corrosion resistant and won’t alter the taste of brew water, as compared to copper and aluminium boilers.
  • Large 1.5 litre water tank makes a generous 12 cups of coffee
  • Wide stainless-steel showerhead for even coffee ground moistening, a key first step in the blooming process to extract maximum flavour from coffee grounds
  • Blooming function – releases carbon dioxide from coffee grounds before brewing begins for a smoother, less sour taste
  • Integrated drip circulator for optimal coffee circulation when dripped into pot
  • Keep warm function to maintain optimal coffee temperature for 30 minutes
  • Timer function that lets you set when you want your coffee to start brewing
  • Cleaning alert function notifies you when it’s time to descale your coffee maker
  • Awarded the prestigious SCA Golden Cup Standard, the Specialty Coffee Association’s highest prize for quality brewers.
  • 3 year warranty upon product registration 


  • Item no. 53103-302-0
  • Colour: silver
  • Substance: Plastic
  • Number of parts: 1
  • Voltage: 220-240 V
  • Temperature control: Yes
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • LCD display: Yes
  • Automatic off: Yes
  • Blooming function: Yes
  • Coffee function: Yes
  • Drip stop: Yes
  • Keep warm function: Yes
  • Level indicator: Yes
  • Non-slip feet: Yes
  • Timer function: Yes
  • Water hardness function: Yes
  • Net weight: 2.71 kg
  • Capacity: 1.50 l
  • Length of product: 15.30 cm
  • Width of product: 32.50 cm
  • Height of product: 34.80 cm
ZWILLING Enfinigy Drip coffee maker, Plastic | silver | UK
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The ZWILLING coffee drip machine brings barista-quality coffee to the home kitchen for full flavour in every last cup. Our drip coffee machine boasts a sleek, elegant design that perfectly complements the entire ZWILLING Enfinigy suite of products.

Always the optimal temperature

In order to get the best aroma out of the coffee, the boiler constantly maintains the ideal brewing temperature of 92 to 96°C.


With the blooming function, the coffee is gently pre-brewed and the CO2 released - so it can optimally develop its full-bodied aroma.

Descaling made easy

Descaling the smart way: Simply enter the water hardness for your area once and the coffee machine will tell you when it is time for the next descaling.

Outstanding quality

Our ZWILLING ENFINIGY Drip Coffee Maker is certified by the Specialty Coffee Association. The SCA only certifies Drip Coffee Makers that meet its high standards: These are based, among other things, on the correct water temperature and the ideal brewing time of the coffee. We are very excited about this certification and, above all, about being able to offer you truly outstanding coffee enjoyment.