ZWILLING 8 Piece Glass Vacuum Starter Set Medium/Large inc Glass Vacuum Gratin Dish



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Once you’ve introduced this starter set into your kitchen, you’ll never want to be without it again: The two beautifully designed vacuum containers made of borosilicate glass, the four reusable vacuum bags and the handy, automatic vacuum pump are game-changers for the modern kitchen and now with The FRESH & SAVE 2.8L Glass Vacuum Gratin Dish it helps you to increase the shelf life of your food.

Food stays fresh up to five times longer compared to conventional non-vacuum storage methods. The effect: All the freedom in the world! Do a big shop once a week and refrigerate or freeze fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and fish in the vacuum containers and bags from the series and enjoy the benefits of your own fresh market stall at home. Prepare your meals days in advance and enjoy them as fresh as the day they were cooked. Cook meat sous vide or marinate meat for the grill in just 30 minutes in the vacuum bags and containers. Like the other boxes in the series, the vacuum gratin dish is made of sturdy borosilicate glass, this long, shallow, rectangular container is ideal for easy storage of lasagnas, gratins, and other baked meals in the refrigerator and freezer. It’s also handy for marinating meat.

The vacuum bags can be used as dump bags for your prepped slow-cooking ingredients. Whether you're chopping vegetables to freeze or searing meat portions ready for the slow cooker, they are ideal for batch cooking advance preparation. It’s also no problem at all to easily reheat meals in the microwave directly in the containers with the lid. And if you don’t have anything to store in them for once, simply stack the dishwasher-safe containers inside one another.

Here’s how it works: Dock the vacuum pump onto the valve and at the push of a button it extracts the air from the vacuum containers and bags in seconds. The highlight: It stops automatically once a sufficient vacuum has been generated. The flavour, aromas and vitamins are safely preserved. You’ll always have an overview of your stored food with the ZWILLING Culinary World App: Simply scan the QR code on the vacuum containers and bags and get a reminder when to enjoy the meals or food. Sometimes things can be so easy.

Glass box M: 18cm length x 11cm width x 10cm height. Weight of 794g. Maximum filling capacity of 0.75 litres.

Glass box L: 21cm length x 14cm width x 13cm height. Weight of 1260g. Maximum filling capacity of 1.6 litres.

Small vacuum bags: 23cm length x 20cm width, volume of 1.25 litres.

Medium vacuum bags: 35cm length x 25cm width, volume of 4 litres.

2.8L Glass Vacuum Gratin Dish: Dimensions: 29cm length, 20cm width, 10cm height.

  • Includes: 1 x vacuum pump, 1 x large glass vacuum container, 1 x medium glass vacuum container, 1 x 2.8L Glass Vacuum Gratin Dish, 2 x medium vacuum bags, 2 x small vacuum bags plus a zip closure tool and USB cable
  • Keep food fresh up to five times longer
  • Glass containers and vacuum bags can be chilled, frozen or heated in the microwave
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 24 month guarantee


  • Item no. 00131-SET-UK

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ZWILLING 8 Piece Glass Vacuum Starter Set Medium/Large inc Glass Vacuum Gratin Dish
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For Oven Fans

Whether potato gratin, lasagne or vegetable casserole - oven dishes are always delicious! Thanks to the heat resistance of the vacuum container, it is ideal as a casserole dish: add the ingredients of your favorite dish and cook in the oven without a lid.

Ingeniously stored

When the gratin is ready, it can be served directly in the high-quality gratin dish. If there are leftovers, let everything cool down completely. Then close the lid and use the vacuum pump to remove the air within seconds.

All about the lid

The innovative lid seal is 100 percent leak-proof under vacuum. And that's not all: prepared dishes can be heated in the microwave directly in the boxes with lids. The lid also serves as a practical splash guard.

Culinary World App

A QR code links your stored food to the ZWILLING Culinary World App, providing a clear overview and creating order in your fridge and freezer. The app will remind you when the shelf life of your food is about to expire. This saves you time and money.

Store food in vacuum boxes

How to clean you vacuum pump


FRESH & SAVE is revolutionizing the way your store and organize your food and meals. One touch of a button – and the smart vacuum pump preserves flavors and nutrients in seconds. Food stays fresh up to five times longer compared to conventional non-vacuum storage solutions! A QR code on all of the storage containers in the series connects your food to the ZWILLING Culinary World app. Never forget anything again – and throw less food away! Simple. Smart. Fresh.