ZWILLING 360 ml Ceramic Storage jar

Cleverly designed ceramic storage container for dried spices, herbs etc.

  • For storing salt, pepper, herbs and spices
  • Extendible and stackable
  • White ceramic with sapele wood lid
  • Easy to clean and especially hygienic
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Did you know that herbs, salt and pepper lose their aroma when stored out in the open? To prevent this, ZWILLING offers a handy and attractive solution: the ZWILLING Storage series 60 mm storage containers. Store salt, pepper, herbs and spices in these handy ceramic containers with sapele wood lid and protect them from humidity and light. The practical 60 mm container is made with white ceramic and comes with a premium-quality sapele wood lid with elegant grain. The storage container not only looks modern and chic, because it is made with ceramic, it is especially hygienic too. The ceramic container can be simply placed on a kitchen work surface so that you always have your herbs and spices within easy reach. This generally makes cooking and preparing food much easier. The main advantage of our ZWILLING Storage series storage containers is that they can be endlessly added to by purchasing individual containers or whole sets. The wood lids allow them to be stacked as needed. Make tidying up, organising and cooking even more fun with the ZWILLING ceramic Storage series!

  • Size: 60 mm
  • Manufactured with white ceramic
  • Space saving and stackable
  • Ideal for salt, pepper and dried herbs
  • With sapele wood lid


  • Item no. 35101-501-0
  • Color: pure-white
  • Substance: Ceramic
  • Number of parts: 1
  • Net weight: 0.58 kg
  • Capacity: 0.36 l
  • Length of product: 11.00 cm
  • Width of product: 11.00 cm
  • Height of product: 6.00 cm
ZWILLING 360 ml Ceramic Storage jar
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