The vacuum seal bags are perfect for freezing fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs, fish, meat or bread. And the best thing: Thanks to vacuum sealing, freezer burn is a thing of the past.


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Vacuum seal bags

ZWILLING FRESH & SAVE vacuum seal bags for your food

With Zwilling vacuum seal bags, not only can you keep your food fresh, but you can also banish freezer burn from your kitchen. We create the ideal conditions for you to showcase your culinary skill, offering versatile, reliable vacuum bags for storing your food and meal prep. Find out how our vacuum seal bags can help you to keep a cool head when freezing food and why freezing isn’t just about the cold.

Vacuum seal bags - why they’re the number one choice for freezing your food

Vacuum seal freezer bags are the modern way of storing food for longer periods and keeping it nicely fresh. They provide protection from the low temperatures in the freezer, as well as from the dreaded freezer burn.

FRESH & SAVE vacuum seal bags by ZWILLING

So far, so good. The ZWILLING FRESH & SAVE line features vacuum bags with that extra something. The name of this line reflects the practical protection provided by every freezer bag, but our products go above and beyond. FRESH & SAVE is a concept that signifies one thing: air has been taken out and cannot re-enter. The vacuum created means that you’re in charge of exactly when you defrost, prepare and cook your food.

Reusable vacuum seal bags - good for the environment

The advantages of our vacuum seal bags don’t stop there: in contrast to creating a vacuum seal with standard freezer bags, our ZWILLING vacuum seal bags can be reused, so you can experience the positive impact they have on your food time and again. Simply create a vacuum, then freeze and store your food. When you’re ready, you can defrost and cook whatever you’ve frozen, and instead of doing away with the bag, you can do something good for the environment and reuse it after a quick clean.

What kind of food is suitable for storing in vacuum seal bags?

Vacuum seal bags are worth their while, as proven by the wide variety of food they can be used to freeze. We have freezer bags suitable for bread, fruit, vegetables or even fish and meat. Even herbs and your meal leftovers can be kept nice and fresh by using a ZWILLING vacuum seal bag.

Vacuum seal bags for sous-vide cooking

We already know that vacuum bags are beneficial in terms of storing food and keeping it fresh, but what we’re yet to say is that they can also be used for a particularly sophisticated method of cooking. Our online store includes an entire array of high-quality pots and pans for frying and boiling, but our vacuum seal bags can open the door to an entirely different way of cooking. Not only do the bags provide effective protection from cold and freezer burn, but they are also resistant to heat and are excellent for using in the sous-vide method of cooking.

Here’s how ZWILLING vacuum seal bags help in sous-vide cooking: the term ‘sous vide’ means ‘under vacuum’ and involves the use of airtight plastic bags. Food is kept in these bags and cooked at low temperatures. Anything from fish to meat and through to vegetables can be cooked with this method.

Hot and cold - ZWILLING vacuum seal bags have it all

With our vacuum bags, you can make plans before you have to think about making food. For creating vacuums like a professional, you can rely on our vacuum seal bags for freezing your ingredients and cooked food and keeping it fresh. For sous-vide cooking, you can keep your food in the heat-resistant bag without having to take it out at any time. Versatile, high-quality FRESH & SAVE bags with that something extra. These all-rounders are available in various sizes and quantities - just what you need for keeping things fresh.