Santoku Knives

Santoku Knives
Asian style chef’s knife with broad blade and especially sharp cutting edge, excellent for cutting and chopping using a forward cutting motion
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Santoku Knives

Santoku knife - virtues in the kitchen

"Knife of the three virtues" - there is no more poetic and apt description of the all-purpose knife from the Far East. Meat, fish, or vegetables: all no problems for the Japanese blade miracle, which should not be missing in any well-equipped kitchen. At ZWILLING you will find Santoku knives in a wide range of designs.

Whether a simple utility knife or a functional and aesthetic eye-catcher in your kitchen: with a Santoku knife, not only the preparation of Asian delicacies is fun. The Japanese knives of the brand MIYABI are designed by Japanese, manufactured in Japan in our factories, and captivate especially by the harmony of Asian aesthetics and highest quality. A classic Japanese cutting technique makes the blades particularly sharp and durable.

Always a good cut - Santoku knives are universally applicable

A ZWILLING Santuk knife is ideal for fast cutting. The characteristic shape of the knife ensures good guidance and offers optimum protection for the fingers. The blade is ground on both sides and the upper edge of the knife is blunt and forms a horizontal line to the handle. The blade of a Santoku knife is wide and protrudes below the handle. The knife lies securely balanced in the hand, the handle can be gripped securely and the fingers do not touch the surface when cutting, while the blade cuts the material with a deep, clean cut.

By the way: The Santoku knife is a rather new creation by Japanese cutlers, further development of the traditional Hocho knife, which adapts the blade shape of a carving and slicing knife. The increased consumption of meat in Japanese cuisine since the middle of the last century has led to new demands on the functionality of a kitchen knife.

Santoku knife - the basic knife for every purpose

A Santoku knife is an excellent "beginner's knife" for chefs who want to learn more about Japanese cooking knives. It is primarily designed for pressure cutting applications and with its western-inspired shape, it meets the habits of European cooks. With the versatile Santoku knife, you can get to grips with Japanese knives.

All ZWILLING Santoku knives are made of high-quality steel.

Attention is paid to the optimum balance between the chromium and carbon content of the material, which optimizes the material properties: The steel is cooled from temperatures of 1,000°C in several rapid steps to room temperature and then to low temperature. These rapid temperature changes alter the material properties of the steel: the blades are hardened and thus resistant to wear and corrosion.

In the kitchen world of ZWILLING, you will find a large selection of high-quality Santoku knives. Choose the appropriate blade length and your preferred handle material. Whether you choose the classic ZWILLING design, a Japanese model with a Damascus blade, or a knife with or without hollows: You always choose a high-quality product, made for the demands of hobby cooks and professionals.