A carving set is perfect for lovers of fish and meat. Cutting, filleting and chopping are effortless tasks with a carving knife. A carving fork serves to hold the meat being sliced and is also practical for serving it out onto people’s plates.


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3 Results
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ZWILLING Pro, 18 cm Special Formula Steel Carving fork
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ZWILLING Pro, Carving fork, 33 cm, 18/10 Stainless Steel
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ZWILLING Four Star, 18 cm Special Formula Steel Carving fork
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Carving sets from Solingen, for cutting and filleting meat and fish

Cutting up meat and fish can be a real challenge. When you want to put duck, turkey or carp on the table for special occasions, you can professionally remove the meat or fish from the bones with the right carving set. Why not browse our range of high-quality carving sets now?

How is a carving set used?

A carving set is an indispensable part of every well-equipped kitchen. If you serve a roast or a whole fish on a festive occasion, then it must professionally carved beforehand. Ideally this happens right on the table in front of guests. You can cut even, manageable slices with a carving knife, then divide them up onto the dinner plates. The carving fork fulfills three important jobs:

Chopping up meat

With the carving fork, you can hold large pieces of meat so that you can slice them precisely with a carving knife. This will give you clean slices.

Lifting a roasted joint

When preparing a festive meal, one challenge is getting the meat out of the oven dish or Dutch oven. The oven dish is still hot and should not be touched. In addition, stuffed ducks and geese weigh a lot, so it’s hardly possible to pick them up with an ordinary fork. With a carving fork your can lift the meat or a whole fish out of the dish without a problem.

Turning meat and fish

Going forward, it will be easy to turn your roast or fish during filleting using a carving fork. Your hands will remain clean and you can work right on the table in front of your guests.

Top tip: you can buy a carving fork to match your fish or meat knife on our online store too.

Carving: cutting up fish and meat professionally

To cut up a large piece of meat of fish into portions, you need a carving fork. A carving fork has very large, long prongs, to hold the meat securely. This is to ensure it doesn’t slip when you are cutting. With the right carving knife, you should always cut across the grain to get appetizing, uniform slices.

What to look out for when choosing your carving set

So that a dish prepared with love can also look good when served up, you need the right carving cutlery for slicing and filleting. We’ll be happy to help you choose and tell you what is important when buying carving forks and knives.

1. The fork shape

You cannot pick up large pieces of meat in order to carve them by using just an ordinary fork. Carving forks have specially shaped prongs for this, that can pass through meat or fish completely and hold it in place. Some carving forks have prongs that slightly curve outwards, this ensures a better hold.

2. An ergonomic handle

Carving a roast can take some considerable strength. An ergonomic handle on a carving knife makes this job easier. There are carving forks with wooden or plastic handles.

3. The material

The carving cutlery should be high in quality so that it does not bend or break with use. When making your purchase, look out for corrosion-resistant, firm materials. For example, stainless steel forks are suitable for carving.

Shop carving sets on the ZWILLING online store

You will find a wide selection of high-quality carving forks in our online store. We have carving forks of different lengths in our range, for example, in the ZWILLING Pro series.

Add a high-quality carving knife or set from the ZWILLING online store to your kitchen equipment now.