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Milanese design meets Solingen technology: ENFINIGY blenders look good and work even better.

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ZWILLING blades with piranha teeth, driven by high-performance motors. Blitz, shred and blend everything.

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Our blenders only start if their lid is on – and they stop automatically if opened.


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Delicious smoothies, a fresh pesto with garlic and herbs or just an onion that needs to be chopped quickly: A blender makes your kitchen work much easier. There are many different areas of application that make the stand mixer so indispensable in your kitchen. We have summarized everything you need to know about our kitchen blenders and smoothie makers on this page.

Buying the right blender - it all comes down to this

Buying a high-performance blender is a purchase that needs to be well thought out. Stand mixers come in a wide variety of designs and with a lot of features. What is important when you want to buy such a kitchen appliance, you will find in the following overview:

Blender performance

In order to achieve an optimal result when blending and also to be able to chop foods with a hard shell in the blender, the stand mixer must have the appropriate power. ZWILLING ENFINIGY blenders vary from 600 to 1600 watts of power consumption.

Different speed levels

Different speed levels should be adjustable in the stand mixer. This will allow you to choose the degree to which you want the blender to finely chop your fruits and vegetables.


Usually, you prepare side dishes, drinks, pesto, etc. for several people in your kitchen blender. Or just a smoothie for yourself? Whatever, you can find the right blender in our range. Our products hold between 1 and 1.8 liters.  


Our blenders are equipped with original ZWILLING blades that work at full speed. A safety system is good here: Your ZWILLING ENFINIGY blender will not start until the lid is properly closed and will stop immediately when the lid is removed.

Pollutant-free materials

The container is always in direct contact with your food. Therefore, it is all the more important that it does not contain any harmful chemicals and is processed to a high quality. In our blenders, the food has no direct contact with plastics.

How can I clean a stand mixer?

Kitchen blenders and smoothie makers from the ZWILLING online store are designed to be easy to clean after use. You can remove the attachment directly after use and rinse it. To do so, simply hold the container under running water for a short time so that it is ready for use again right away. Our ZWILLING ENFINIGY stand mixers also have an integrated automatic cleaning program that makes cleaning even easier.

The features of the stand mixers from the ENFINGY series by ZWILLING

In addition to the demands placed on high-performance blenders and smoothie makers today, the blenders from the ZWILLING ENFINIGY series come with additional features. The ENFINIGY series includes other high-quality and high-performance kitchen appliances such as kitchen scales, kettles and toasters.

Automatic programs for different specialties

You want to make a smoothie, ice cream or soup? There are various automatic programs available for this purpose, with the optimal rotation speed already preset.

Integrated scale with tare function

Some of our stand mixers have an integrated scale that allows you to weigh the ingredients directly. This saves you a complete work step.

Razor sharp blade

Our stand mixers are equipped with a two-bladed ZWILLING blade with a special serrated edge and piranha teeth. These ensure effortless, even chopping of fruits and vegetables.

Stand mixer and smoothie maker in one?

In a good stand mixer, you can chop herbs and vegetables as well as make smoothies. You buy one device for all applications.

Find the right high-performance blender for your kitchen now.