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The ZWILLING ENFINIGY series. Kick off your new kitchen routine with our high-quality, functional products.

  • Blenders with original ZWILLING blades and plenty of practical features
  • The food processor: Get even more out of your blender.
  • Toasters with seven browning levels for your perfect toast
  • Electric kettles with precise temperature programs and high safety standards
  • Filter coffee makers for preparing coffee at the ideal brewing time and temperature
  • Food scales, spice grinders and plenty of great accessories for every occasion

Style icons for your kitchen

Innovation in its purest form

The finest electronics inside a design by renowned Milanese design studio Thun and Rodriguez.

First rate – from design to manufacturing

Innovative engineering and high-quality materials make our ENFINIGY products unique.

Delivering our promise

We think ahead: Our reliable ENFINIGY products will stay by your side for a long time.

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54 Results
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kitchen appliances

Kitchen appliances and small kitchen appliances in timeless design

Some people rely on manual labor in the kitchen, while others prefer to use modern electric kitchen appliances. However, equipment such as mixers, toasters or kettles have already become standard in most modern kitchens. In the ZWILLING online store you can find powerful kitchen appliances that make your everyday life easier and are eye-catchers in your kitchen landscape with their timeless design.

Which kitchen appliances make sense?

It's the crucial question in every household: Which kitchen appliances are often used and which of them are simply superfluous? In the ZWILLING online store you will find a selection of practical small kitchen appliances and electric kitchen appliances that will help you mix, toast and cook.

These small kitchen appliances belong in every kitchen

1. Blenders & Smoothie Makers

Once you've owned a stand mixer or smoothie maker in your kitchen, you won't want to be without it in the future. Our ZWILLING blenders are equipped with various automatic programs, which you can always adjust to the respective application. The serrated blades are so sharp that they can effortlessly chop even hard-skinned fruits and vegetables.

2. Kettle

Whether for tea, the quickly brewed coffee or the ready meal for the small snack: Boiling water is always needed. The electric kettles from the ZWILLING series don't just boil water, some of them are equipped with different programs. This allows you to bring the water to the optimum temperature - depending on whether you are preparing sensitive baby food or a herbal tea.

3. Toaster

Toasting golden brown toast is an art in itself. That's why ZWILLING has equipped toasters with various features. Even with several toasting processes in succession, the ideal degree of browning is always achieved. The toast slices glide gently out of the toaster and separate heating units ensure even browning.

4. Kitchen scale

Quickly weigh out 30 grams of butter or 255 grams of sugar. The kitchen scales from the ZWILLING online store will convince you with their high precision and the large weighing surface. The LCD display reliably shows you the exact weight. Thanks to the glass surface, you can also weigh food directly on the scale and clean it easily afterwards.

High quality electric kitchen appliances in timeless design

The small kitchen appliances are usually placed well visible in the kitchen. It is therefore all the more important that they also blend in attractively with their surroundings in terms of design. We therefore attach great importance to the fact that our Kitchen appliances also make a visual impact and become an eye-catcher in your kitchen landscape.

Electric appliances in classic stainless steel design match pots, pans and cutlery. ZWILLING Kitchen Appliances are modern and at the same time timeless and fit seamlessly into any kitchen. You can choose between different color options and rely on the quality and durability of the products.

Buy kitchen utensils from the ENFINIGY series by ZWILLING online

The small kitchen appliances from the ENFINIGY product series meet all the demands you place on electric kitchen appliances. In your timeless, minimalist design, they also match the rest of your kitchen equipment and convince with durability, convenience in use and thoughtful details. Whether blender, kettle, toaster or kitchen scale - all household appliances are in the ZWILLING online store. There you will also find accessories.

Find the right kitchen appliances for your household that you won't want to do without in the future.