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Saucepans & Sauciers
Pots with handles and style: our casseroles combine class and functionality for your full-bodied sauces as well as for roasting and braising.
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Saucepans & Sauciers

Saucepans and sauciers fulfill a wide variety of tasks in the kitchen. Thanks to their stable, long handle, they are particularly easy to hold on to when stirring. This makes them the tool of choice when preparing sauces or cooking pudding or milk. Thanks to the long handle, the pot always lies securely in your hand and you can concentrate fully on cooking.

Saucepans: proven classics in a modern guise

Saucepans have a long history. Since the 17th century, the cooking pot with a handle has also been known as a “casserole”. This is derived from the Old French word "casse" (meaning: large spoon) as well as the Latin term "cattia" (meaning: ladle). Many modern saucepans still have this well-proven shape.

The stem pots have a diameter of 16cm to 22cm. Small pots with a handle ensure a firm grip and are therefore especially suitable for making sauce hollandaise, for example. If you want to whip a sauce creamy, choose a higher pot. If you want to cook a vegetable garnish, stem pots with a larger diameter and more volume are more suitable. Depending on the bottom of the pot, style pots are mostly suitable for use on an induction stove.

An integrated scale allows you to measure fill quantities more accurately. This saves valuable time, especially when cooking sauces.

Saucepans with special extras

In the ZWILLING Online Shop, you will find simple saucepans for occasional use. The range also includes special designs for intensive use. With a stainless steel saucepan, you can work with whisks without hesitation and without damaging the surface. If a saucier has a special coating, the use of silicone or wooden kitchen aids is recommended.

If you want an even heat distribution up to the sidewall, a saucepan with a SIGMABOND bottom is the right choice. The SIGMABOND base conducts, distributes, and stores the heat evenly so that e.g. cooking oil is distributed over the entire cooking utensil base. Due to the good heat storage, the stove settings can also be reduced to a lower temperature early on.

The care of saucepans is similar to that of cookware. The products are dishwasher-safe and can be washed in the dishwasher without hesitation. However, cleaning by hand is recommended.