ZWILLING Sharpener 25 cm Sharpening steel Crome-plated

  • Black
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YOU SAVE: -18%
85.00 C$ 69.99


This plastic handle sharpening steel from ZWILLING provides you with the right tool to resharpen any knife. Good knives are a definite must-have for passionate cooks and professional chefs: Regular resharpening is strongly recommended if you want to cut, dice and chop food with the knives year after year. The right sharpening steel is essential for keeping a knife completely fit for use. The sharpening steel with a black plastic handle and handy hanging ring is an easy-to-use tool perfect for sharpening knives. The 26 cm rod is made of highly carbonized and hard chrome-plated steel and ensures quality resharpening. The sharpening steel’s handle is ergonomically designed for optimum handling, ensuring that the sharpening steel fits perfectly, securely and firmly in your hand when you use it. Your knife can be used immediately after it has been sharpened to take on any cutting task. As a result, the ZWILLING sharpening steel is a useful addition to your good knives.
  • 10" long
  • With a hardness of approximately 62 HRC this sharpening steels are relatively insensitive to damage.
  • Plastic handle with suspension eye.


  • Item no. 32565-260
  • Color: Black
  • Substance: Steel
  • Net weight: 0.334 kg / 0.74 lbs
  • Length of product: 26 cm / 10.24 in
ZWILLING Sharpener 25 cm Sharpening steel Crome-plated
C$ 85.00 C$ 69.99
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