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Kitchen scales

Digital food scales are an important help when cooking and baking

100 grams of flour, 50 grams of sugar and 30 grams of butter: Recipes often give very precise weights. You should stick to these as meticulously as possible, as even small deviations can influence the end result. With food scales you can weigh your ingredients precisely to the gram. What other functions electronic scales have you’ll find out in the following overview.

Which functions should digital food scales have?

Analogue scales from grandmother’s time were only intended for weighing ingredients. Modern, digital household scales today have a significantly wider range of functions that considerably simplify cooking and baking for you.

Grams or ounces

Do you like international cooking? Then you find out that these recipes frequently give weights in ounces instead of grams. Good household scales can simply be switched over and their digital display shows the weight in the right unit.

LCD display

On an LCD display the weights are shown substantially more accurately than when you read them off an analog display.

Tare function

The tare function is one of the most essential features of your kitchen scales. You can now weigh your bowl and save it by touch. Now, when there is flour or sugar in the bowl, the weight of the bowl will be automatically deducted. So you no longer need to calculate, to measure your ingredients correctly.

How much can I weigh on food scales?

With a good set of household scales you can weigh amounts up to 10 kilograms.

What exactly are food scales?

It goes without saying that food scales must be very accurate, so that you can easily follow your recipe. Digital food scales are very precise, thanks to their LCD display. Our household scales ensure high precision and that your ingredients are weighed accurately to the gram.

Food scales from the ZWILLING online shop

The household scales in our product range have been selected for their ease and intuitiveness of use, and they offer you maximum comfort. We have put together a short summary of what you should be looking for in this practical kitchen appliance in the following overview.

Large weighing surface for convenient reading

Thanks to the large weighing surface on our food scales you can weigh larger bowls and amounts. The display always remains visible.

The digital scales can be easily charged

Always check how the appliance must be charged when buying a set of digital scales. Ideally the household scales are fitted with lithium ion batteries that you can conveniently charge using a USB cable.

Cleaning the surface

Sometimes ingredients must be put directly onto the scales. So the surface should be easy to clean. Food scales with a weighing surface made from glass are ideal.

Food scales with automatic shut-off

It can get quite hectic when you’re cooking and baking. It often happens that you forget to turn off the kitchen scales. It’s a good thing then, if the scales have an integrated automatic shut-off, so that the battery is saved and the scales are ready to use the next time.

Beautiful design, an eyecatcher in your kitchen

Kitchen scales are an important kitchen accessory and should be visible in the kitchen. So the design has to be appealing and high-quality.

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