Keep your knives performing like new with proper honing and sharpening.


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Buy knife sharpeners for optimal knife care

Even a good knife loses its sharpness with everyday use. Don't have to replace a blunt knife with a new one, just simply re-sharpen it with a knife sharpener. There are various techniques and knife sharpeners, which we will introduce to you below. You can easily buy all models online.

How can you tell that your knife needs sharpening?

There is a simple trick for testing the sharpness of a knife. Take a sheet of paper and hold it up in front of you. Now try to cut the paper in two parts with the knife. The more precise the cut, the sharper the knife. If the paper is frayed at the edges, this is a sign that the knife needs to be sharpened. With everyday use of a knife, you will often notice that your knife has become blunt.

Which knife sharpeners are there?

There are different techniques for sharpening your knife. In the following overview, we have summarized the options and advantages to different sharpening techniques.

1. The classic knife sharpener

This kitchen tool is found in many households because it is easy and safe to use. It has a handle where you can hold the pull-through knife sharpener. Thanks to a pre-set cutting angle, you will always get a good result.

2. Sharpening steel

The sharpening steel - or sharpening rod - restores the sharpness of the knife. To ensure that your good knives do not lose their sharpness you should regularly work them across a sharpening steel after use. This will prevent your knife from wearing out as quickly. A sharpening steel is made from high carbonized and hard chrome-plated steel. Whether meat, tomatoes, or pumpkins; your knife will be razor-sharp the next time you use it.

3. Whetstone

With a simple V-cut you can sharpen all knives with a whetstone. It is important that you find the right angle and use a whetstone with a fine grain. For a very sharp result, use a whetstone with a grain of 3000. Due to its very fine structure, all grooves, edges, and other damage are completely sanded off. The whetstone’s high grain size also ensures that wear and tear to the blade during manual sharpening is protected as much as possible.

4. Knife sharpener with ceramic rollers

In particular, Japanese knives with a smooth blade get their original sharpness back with this knife sharpener. The sharpening angle is pre-set, so that the right position is already defined when the knife is sharpened. The integrated diamond roller is intended for basic grinding and the ceramic roller is used for regrinding.

Can every knife be sharpened with a knife sharpener?

In theory, you can sharpen all types of knife with a knife sharpener. An exception are knives with a serrated blade. These cannot be worked on a whetstone.

Buy knife sharpeners from the ZWILLING online shop.

With the right knife care you can enjoy your kitchen knives for a long time. Using a knife sharpener, sharpening steel or whetstone helps to ensure that your knives are always just the right sharpness you need for preparing your food.

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