Chef's Knives

Chef's Knives
Sturdy, heavy knife with broad, strong blade and fine cutting edge. The all-rounder for professionals and hobby chefs suitable for chopping herbs, cutting vegetables, slicing and dicing fish and meat. Can be used in the circular, rocking and chopping motion.
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Chef's Knives

Chef's knife for daily, universal use

A high-quality chef's knife is part of the basic equipment of every kitchen. It is not only suitable for cutting meat like e.g. steak, fish and vegetables, but also for weighing and chopping herbs and many other ingredients. We offer a wide range of kitchen knives, from solid and inexpensive knives for occasional and amateur chefs to high-quality models.

Chef´s knife - a proven shape

The shape of classic chef's knives is the same for all ranges. The cutting edges of the steel blades, whose total length is between 160 and 260 mm, are bent and taper towards the tip. Japanese knives have different blade shapes compared to classic chef's knives. The cut surface is not bent so much, the top of the blade and the handle form a straight line in most cases. A chef's knife for professionals should not be too light but not too heavy. It should facilitate the work by its own weight, on the other hand, the cook but not overexerting. Therefore, a good balance between blade and handle weight is an important factor when buying a chef's knife. For optimal ergonomics, the knife must lay well in the hand, even when it is longer in use. Above all, the blade must be sharp and not lose its edge retention (= longevity of the blade) so fast.

Why you should buy a high quality chef's knife

When cutting with a blunt knife blade, you may destroy the structure of the food or change its consistency negatively. The smoother and cleaner food is processed, the higher the enjoyment in the end. Kitchen knives by ZWILLING and Miyabi are made of high-quality stainless or damask steels, have a perfect finish and have a long-lasting sharpness.

How to find the right chef's knife

In general, you cannot go wrong with a classic chef's knife. However, whether you prefer cutting with a classic, Chinese or Japanese chef's knife is an individual question that probably has as many answers as cooks. First, check if you prefer a short or long blade. Then test whether the chef's knife fits comfortably in your hand. Which handle material, wood, plastic or stainless steel you prefer depends entirely on your personal taste. The first time you hold a high quality knife in your hands, you will feel the difference to the lower quality kitchen knife. The workmanship and the cut is another class. When cutting with a chef's knife for the first time, you know what "sharp" means.