Bread Knives

Bread Knives
Long, strong blade with serrated edge. This edge cuts effortlessly through hard bread crusts. Cuts neat slices due to its aggressive long prongs.
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Bread Knives

Cutting crispy bread and soft pastries perfectly is an art in itself. The secret of success are high-quality bread knives, which can easily cut through the hard crust and the inside of the bread, the so-called crumb, thanks to the special serrated edge and the sharp blade. With a bread knife. At ZWILLING you get a large selection of knives for bread and baked goods, with which you can cut bite-sized bread slices and halves of bread in no time at all.

Bread knife: knife with special blade

Knives for the kitchen come in innumerable shapes, sizes and blade lengths. A bread knife is an indispensable component that is already included in many knife blocks. The characteristic feature of a bread knife is the serrated edge. The so-called serrated blade gets its shape from a special cut, which makes it possible to cut hard crusts almost effortlessly. Because the serrated edge of the bread knife resembles a saw, the bread knife is often referred to as a saw knife.

The advantage of knives with serrated edges is that, due to the smaller area, higher pressure can be applied to the clippings. The serrated edge means that you need relatively little power to cut bread.

The so-called serrated edge has even more advantages: the tips tear open the hard crust of the bread and work its way forward quickly, whereas the sharp troughs are responsible for the soft part of the bread. They cut the soft and compliant crumb cleanly and evenly. The blade of a chef's knife, on the other hand, would squeeze rather than cut the clippings.

Breads can be cut very well with a blade length of 20cm to 30cm. The shorter models are suitable for bread rolls and croissants, or they directly take a bread knife. Thanks to an ergonomically shaped handle, the knives always lie comfortably in the hand and ensure a precise cut.

Material and care of a bread knife

If you choose a product from ZWILLING from Solingen, you get a real quality product "Made in Germany". The knife blades for bread knives are made of special stainless steel, are dimensionally stable and flexible at the same time.

The bread knives are corrosion-resistant and therefore dishwasher-safe. However, it is advisable to always clean the knives by hand, as this is gentler on the material. Hand cleaning with lukewarm water and a mild detergent is ideal. If the knives have a wooden handle, they should definitely be rinsed by hand.