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Boning & Fillet Knives

Buy boning knives for preparing meat and fish

With a boning knife – also known as a filleting knife – you can cut and carve meat of fish very finely. Thinking about making carpaccio of beef or salmon, you’ll need a good filleting knife, which you can buy in our shop. We have summarized everything you need to know about boning knives and what to consider when buying one.

What is a boning knife and how is it used?

The filleting knife is also known as a boning knife and should never be confused with a conventional meat and fish knives. It has certain properties that differentiate it from other knives. The blade is very thin and flexible, which facilitates filleting meat and fish.

Benefits of a boning knife

  • Sharp, flexible, long blade
  • Smooth separation of the fibers possible
  • Developed for intricate cutting work, such as carpaccio
  • Easy removal of tendons and skin

Applications for a boning knife

There are various areas of application for a boning knife. It is mainly used for filleting and deboning a whole fish. It can also be used for removing the skin. When cooking meat, try making a butterfly cut to remove larger pieces of meat from tendons and cartilage. If you want to cut meat and fish into very thin slices, to make carpaccio for example, you need a good boning knife for fish or salmon.

Our pro tip: For safety reasons, you should always use a boning knife with boning gloves, to protect your hands from cuts.

The butterfly cut is easy to achieve with a boning knife

The term butterfly cut describes a special technique for cutting fillets, steaks and escalopes. The meat is cut precisely in the middle with a boning knife, leaving the two parts connected at the bottom. If you unfold the two sides, the meat looks like the wings of a butterfly. To make this cut cleanly separate the fibers at the right point. To do this, you need a sharp boning knife.

Interesting fact: The notion that the boning knife originates from Japan is widespread. However, in truth, the concept has been developed and marketed in Europe. In Asia, cooks use deba, sashimi or yanagiba knives for filleting meat and fish.

What distinguishes a good filleting & boning knife

A good boning knife has a very long, thin blade that is highly sharpened. The material the boning knife is made from also plays an important part in the buying decision. Boning knives from ZWILLING are, in many cases, made from a special formula for ZWILLING, a low-corrosion special steel. Many boning knives in our ZWILLING online shop are also grafted with the so-called V-Edge.

The knife blade is given a special grind, by pulling it once over a course grinding belt and then over a fine grain to finish it. The thin sheath is protected from breaking off and deformation.

How long should the blade of a boning knife be?

You can buy boning knives from the ZWILLING online shop with different blade lengths, ranging between 14 and 31 cm. With a longer blade you can uniformly fillet larger pieces of meat or fish, but you must use the corresponding amount of strength for this. A shorter and stiff blade can cut bone and cartilage better.

We hope you enjoy browsing our range of boning and other knives.