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Roasting Pans

Enjoy preparing fresh, full-flavoured dishes direct from the oven? Roasting pans are just the thing for you. The roasting pan offers plenty of space and functionality for your next family meal. Using a roasting pan from ZWILLING is perfect for the holidays or for dishes that can satisfy the greatest hunger, such as lasagnas, roasts and many more hot dishes. Discover our various roasting trays with all the accessories and order what you like easily, and conveniently, at

If you want to make guests happy, you’ll need a roasting tray

Have a big family, or a large circle of friends, and want to make your loved ones happy with your culinary treats? Our roasting pans are sure to make you happy. This practical, large ovenware is the ideal companion during holidays, such as Christmas, Easter or any birthdays. With roasting trays, you can prepare a lot of delicious food, bring it to the table and serve it straightaway.

Roasting pans — just made for the oven

Let’s get back to the oven. Our roasting pans are made for the oven. Designed with extremely robust materials, such as cast iron or stainless steel, our roasting pans are typically coated on the inside so that your dishes don’t stick during long baking processes or get warped when serving. ZWILLING roasting trays can handle long baking times and hotter temperatures during their manufacturing. Nothing stands in the way of roasting a turkey for Thanksgiving or a Christmas .

Practical to use, right up to the dining table

No matter how long you leave your roasting pan in the oven, your new bakeware will leave nothing to be desired, when it comes to handling after preparation. Thanks to the practical handles you can simply grab your roasting pan (using oven mittens), take it out of the oven and serve your freshly baked dish straight to the table. Have a couple of trivets ready and place the roasting pan with the steaming hot food on them at the centre of the table. You’ll have everyone excited to dig in.

Roasting trays: Easy to portion, easy to care for

Another advantage to our roasting trays is how the food you have just served up — whether it’s a stew or large poultry — can be easily divided up in the roasting pan. So, you’ll save on having to wash up more dishes later. Our roasting trays are easy to clean again after use, thanks to the easy-care materials it is made from. The simple rectangular shape also plays an important part in its design. Let it cool down after eating, and simply clean it in no time with warm water and a little detergent.

Roasting trays with practical accessories

You can make preparation even easier if you buy roasting trays with accessories. As if the roasting tray itself weren’t reason enough to enjoy baking, some of our products in this category come with a practical aluminum grill for even cooking on all sides. This is ideal for cooking large poultry and provides better grip when working with a carving knife. Add in some matching spear forks and you’ll be all set in no time!

So, what’s on the menu at your next dinner party? With a good ZWILLING roasting tray you can put your menu into action!