Staub La Cocotte 250 ml Cast iron oval Mini poêle à frire, Dark-Blue

  • Dark-Blue
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100,00 C$


Staub cocottes can be used to make delicious casseroles, as well as soufflés, oven-baked dishes and a variety of others. The pot is made from cast iron, which distributes heat across the base and up to the top of the pot edge, cooking each and every ingredient evenly and gently so that they retain their flavour and nutrients. This is why cocottes are so readily recommended to beginners with a limited knowledge of cooking - and so highly regarded by professional chefs. With a diameter of 11 cm and a volume of 0.25 L, this oval cocotte is particularly good for cooking individual portions of food. It features an interior made from matte black, robust, cut resistant, durable enamel to increase the effectiveness of the cast iron during cooking. In contrast to many other materials, this enamel improves the more often the pot is used. Its black colour also forms a pleasant contrast to the cocotte's dark blue exterior. This casserole dish can also be used on all types of hob plates, as well as in the oven. Staub cocottes are highly regarded by top chefs such as Paul Bocuse who use them to test out their new creations. With a pot from the La Cocotte range, you too can experiment with new recipes at home, taking inspiration from the French cooks who created it.
  • Ideal for preparing single portions in the oven
  • For sweet and savoury dishes, e.g. gratins, chocolate fudge, crème brûlée
  • Preparing and serving in style
  • Adapté pour toutes les sources de chaleur y compris induction, peut être utilisé aussi au four
  • Intense colour through “Majolica” enamelling
  • Staub est une marque du groupe Zwilling.


  • Article n° : 40510-266
Données techniques
  • Color: Dark-Blue
  • Matériau: Cast iron
  • Couvercle existant: Yes
  • Induction: Oui
  • Compatible four: Oui
  • Adapté au congélateur: Oui
  • Compatible tous feux: Oui
  • Compatible lave-vaisselle: Oui
  • Poids net: 0.87 kg / 0,87 kg
  • Capacité: 0.25 l / 0,25 l
  • Longueur totale du produit: 15 cm / 15,00 cm
  • Longueur ou largeur du produit: 10 cm / 10,00 cm
  • Hauteur du produit: 7 cm / 7,00 cm
  • Hauteur sans couvercle: 4.8 cm / 4,80 cm
  • Épaisseur du fond: 0.4 cm / 0,40 cm
  • Diamètre ou longueur: 11 cm / 11,00 cm
  • Diamètre ou largeur: 0 cm / 0,00 cm
  • Diamètre ou largeur: 9.8 cm / 9,80 cm
  • Diamètre ou largeur du fond: 0 cm / 0,00 cm
Staub La Cocotte 250 ml Cast iron oval Mini poêle à frire, Dark-Blue
100,00 C$
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