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Woks et poêle à frire

Woks and Stir Fry Pans: All-rounders for the kitchen

Those who like to cook Asian dishes cannot avoid buying a wok or a wok pan. Woks are real all-rounders for the kitchen and can be used in many ways . There are, for example, woks with a handle as a so-called wok pan, with two handles or without a handle and handle.

When it comes to the question of which wok to buy, you should choose according to your personal preferences. What matters is less the shape of the wok than the type of stove and the material the wok or wok pan is made of. For example, if you cook on a gas stove, a wok with a round bottom is very suitable. You should ideally place a stand ring between the gas flame and the wok so that the wok stands securely and the material is protected. For a classic electric stove, there are also specially flattened woks.

However, when using a wok made of carbon steel, sheet steel or aluminum on the electric stove, you have to make sure that the material can warp over time and therefore it is better to use pots made of cast iron or stainless steel. In the ZWILLING online shop you can find woks and wok pans made of different materials and in various sizes for every need.

What are the characteristics of woks?

The special thing about the shape of the wok is its high side walls. The roasting surface gets hot very quickly, while the outer walls have a lower temperature. This means you can, for example, store fried food on the sides while you sear other ingredients in the middle. Alternatively, you can take the fried food out of the wok and then mix it again in the wok at the end.

What are woks used for?

Woks are used in Asian cuisine for various cooking methods. With a wok or a wok pan you can, for example: fry, boil, stew, deep-fry, steam or smoke.

The best-known and most popular cooking method is stir-frying meat, vegetables and pre-cooked rice or pasta, with the ingredients being fried in the order in which they were cooked. Usually the meat first, then the vegetables and then rice or pasta.

In addition, woks can also be used as a saucepan. When cooking, however, make sure that the liquid stays below the boiling point, otherwise it will bubble too much. Furthermore, woks are also suitable for stewing, whereby the stewing time is shortened in contrast to a conventional saucepan. When deep-frying, you can cook meat, fish or vegetables in floating fat. When deep-frying, however, make sure that your wok is secure. You will also need additional attachments for smoking or steaming. In addition to high-quality woks or wok pans, you can also discover the right accessories in the ZWILLING online shop.