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Fours & Cocottes Hollandais

The French word cocotte means "chicken" and refers to the original purpose of the pots, namely to stew a chicken. However, these roasters are not limited to one dish, they are also ideal for stews and for baking bread.

The traditional French manufacturer STAUB, a member of the ZWILLING Group since 2008, is known all over the world for its products and is highly valued by hobby and professional chefs. A good example is Paul Bocuse from Lyon, who has had three of the coveted Michelin stars for more than half a century. He has been working with Staub for over 15 years out of conviction and is now the official ambassador. In this context, he has also created numerous recipes for the cocotte.

Universally usable cocotte

A cast iron roaster is suitable for all types of stoves - ceramic, gas, electric or induction - as well as for use in the oven. If you want to cook meat, you should use a cast iron roaster because it gives better results when searing. On the inside of the lid, on which the condensation water collects and drops drop by drop onto the food. This means that meat stays juicy even with longer preparation times, and bread has a thick, crispy crust.

The basic shapes of a cocotte are round or oval. In restaurants, a mini cocotte is often used to prepare individual portions and is then also used to serve at the table. Larger sizes are available for whole roasts, poultry and stews. If you like to eat a lot of fish, you should buy an extra cast iron fish roaster so that the taste is not impaired by other uses.