How to use cookware

Der richtige Umgang mit Kochgeschirr

Before the first use

Clean your new ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS cookware with hot water, a standard detergent and a sponge, cloth or brush. Subsequent drying helps to avoid watermarks.

Clean the cookware directly after use. The remaining heat makes cleaning easier and reduces watermarks.

Please do not use cleaning agents that either scratch or scour. If you clean your uncoated pan with detergent lightly grease the pan before using it again.

Do not fill your cookware with cold water directly after use. The pot may be damaged and cleaning is made harder.

Residue is best removed if you re-heat the pot with water.

Hard water or certain foodstuffs may lead to white or grey residue on the inside of the pot. These can easily be removed with vinegar or citric acid.

Discolouration is triggered by salts or minerals and can easily be removed with a standard stainless steel cleaner. The function of the cookware is not impaired.

ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS cookware is dishwasher-safe. However, to enhance the pleasure of your ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS products we recommend cleaning by hand.

Tips for use

Never overheat your cookware. Overheating may lead to discolouration and in extreme cases can damage the base.

If you use a gas cooker, make sure flames do not leak around the base. To avoid injuries always wear an oven glove. Cookware with synthetic handles is not oven safe.

Cookware with stainless steel handles can be used in the oven. Always wear oven gloves as the handles will heat up.

Only fill your cookware up to 70-80% capacity to avoid boiling over and burning.

Only add salt to boiling water and then stir. Adding salt to cold water may lead to discolouration; however this will not impair the function.

Tips for the use (uncoated pans)

Oil the pan evenly and heat it on a low heat for two minutes. The pan is now ready to use.

For an optimal frying result we recommend:

  • wiping the pan with a little grease using a kitchen towel.
  • heating the pan on a medium heat.
  • putting the food into the pan and fry it all around.

To prevent overheating never heat the pan on the highest setting for a long period of time. Overheating can lead to discolouration; in extreme cases it can even damage the base. If the pan has been overheated remove it from the stove and thoroughly ventilate the room.

When using a gas cooker make sure the flames do not leak around the base. To avoid burns always use an oven glove.

Useful tips for even more frying pleasure

The oil should be very hot when you brown meat so that the pores close quickly and the meat does not dry out.

Press the meat into the pan because pockets of air underneath will prevent even browning. Once the pores are closed the meat can easily be turned even in an uncoated pan.

To test if the pan’s temperature is right, add a little water with a fork. If the liquid vaporises immediately the temperature is too low.

As soon as the water builds pearls that “dance” over the surface, the temperature is right. Reduce the heat, wait approx. 10 seconds and add the food.

If you follow these tips your ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS pan will deliver perfect results. And if you wish even without added fat.

Special instructions for using pans with a Thermolon™ coating

  • Prior to using the cookware wipe it with oil.
  • Because of its excellent heat distribution it is not necessary to heat your cookware on the highest setting. It is important to set the right temperature. Reducing the heat in time is not only energy-efficient but prevents food and pan from overheating.
  • Do not heat an empty pan on the hob.
  • We recommend the use of oil or butter. But remember that some oils and grease will burn even at low temperatures.
  • Please do not use any oil sprays. These sprays may cause residue that is difficult to remove from cookware.
  • Please do not use sharp objects in the pan as they may damage the coating.
  • Please do not cut any food in the pan.
  • Let your cookware cool down before you clean it with cold water.

Your ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS product is easy to clean. As aggressive cleaning agents may damage the non-stick properties we recommend cleaning by hand. Please use warm water, a little detergent and a soft cloth.

The lifespan of the non-stick coating primarily depends on how often it is used and how carefully it is maintained. Usually non-stick properties tend to decline slightly with normal use after a while. Also, overheating may lead to decreasing non-stick properties.

The pan is safe to use even with decreasing non-stick properties.